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Cottage shrooming

Last summer, me, my older brother and my best friend gathered up our cash, booked a cottage for a week, purchased some fun stuff and set out for our magical trip with nature.

Last summer, me, my older brother and my best friend gathered up our cash, booked a cottage for a week, purchased some fun stuff and set out for our magical trip with nature.

We brought with us a half ounce of weed and about 20 grams of cubensis. We were three young men with a bag full of fun headed for one isolated cottage by a beautiful lake. Nothing could go wrong, and we were all in the best of moods.

We arrived at our cottage, and it looked just as good as it had on the pamphlet. We couldn't wait to get down to business and have ourselves a great time. The first day/night there, we set everything up and smoked a few nice doobies. When we woke up the next day, the weather was beautiful. We decided to make it the day that we would each have about 4.5 grams of shrooms each. So at about 4:00pm we ingested them straight up. At about 4:30pm, the fun began...

Me, my brother Jason and my best friend Chris ate our shrooms and went outside to play badminton until we started to feel the effects. So after a few games, I was playing Chris and felt it come on. It hit me pretty strong at first, I was surprised. I felt like the badminton match was some sort of a joke. We just kept hitting this stupid little thing over this net with these little raquets over and over, and I started to think about the retarted things that humans get fun out of. So as we played our match, we burst out laughing after every swing of the raquet. We decided that it was best to go inside for a bit. So we went in to the cottage's basement. After sitting down for a couple minutes talking about badminton, we all looked at each other. "Holy shit." is what the look on each of our faces said. I felt like I was sinking into the couch I was on, and that my body was just a big sack of bones that was completely separate from my mind. Chris was walking around the basement laughing his ass off while Jason was trying to get him to sit down. I just watched them and laughed, as I sank deeper into the couch.

We all sat there and tripped out for a good hour, then we decided to go for a walk. At this point we were approaching our peak, so it was going to be a lot of fun.

We all lifted our asses off the seats and went outside. Walking around the cottage was like I was on some sort of conveyor belt that was just rolling along the floor. I couldn't even feel my body. It was like I was just a big head that was floating across the room. Chris and Jason's faces were both starting to pulsate and bulge out. Both faces were red, pink orange and a whole rainbow of other colours, all in different areas. It was really weird. We all spent about 5 minutes putting on our shoes and stepped outside. What a scene. Nature was just blowing us away. We sat there looking out onto the lake through the trees. I felt as if I were part of the water. I could feel the wind blowing across the surface, giving it the calm rippling effect that spread across the whole lake. The sun was shining on it and that caused a fascinating sparkling effect that just blew my mind. I stared out at the water for a while while my brother and Chris went walking around doing who the hell knows what. The longer I stared at the lake, the more I became part of it. I started swaying back and forth, matching the direction of the wind blowing against me. I closed my eyes and the visions I saw still blow me away when I think of them today. I saw all the different types of nature in my head at once. It's kind of hard to explain. Trees, water, mountains, the sky, earth, wind, I was tuning into all of them and making my own world out of them, my own little planet. I became the wind, and I flew across the planet that I had made looking at the beauty of it. I scanned across the surface, watching the trees and the mountains and the lakes form out of the bare earth. It was incredible, and words don't do it justice. I was interrupted by my two companions who were standing in front of me laughing. I could hear them saying things like "What the hell is he doing man?" and "He's really fucked up!" I tried to ignore them for a couple of minutes. When I did open my eyes, I saw them on the ground wrestling and laughing, having a great time. I watched them for a moment. They rolled around and sort of merged together, forming one being. I just saw some really messed up creature with limbs extending everywhere, rolling all over the ground making these weird noises. I approached the two of them and told them that I thought we should go for that walk now...

We went into the little forest nearby and just sucked in all the energy from every living thing that we walked past. I felt like every single tree and shrub was connected to me. I could feel the life inside them, as if they were trying to communicate with me. We all discussed how amazing the forest was as we walked, and how we all felt connected to it. I started blabbering on about how the trees were all our friends and that they just wanted to be able to move so that they could play with us. I gave Chris and Jason a good laugh.

I decided it would be a good idea to hug a tree to show it how much I appreciate it. So I went up to the next nice big one I saw and just wrapped my arms around it and closed my eyes. Another fantasy appeared in my head. I was dancing around with the tree through the forest. I was just holding on to it and it sort of took me for a ride. It was very warm and friendly, and it seemed like it was having a good time. I sure as hell was. I never thought I'd be telling stories about dancing with a tree, but this was incredible. When the dance was over I found that Chris had climbed up on a big pile of dead trees and was making these weird noises. It was hilarious. Jason was lying on the ground on his back looking up into the sky having his own little fantasy. He was lying in a big pile of dirt and crap, but he didn't seem to care. Chris came down and over to me. He started explaining something he had figured out to me about the forest. He was saying that the forest was created by elves a long time ago, and that he was just talking to one of the elves. He was sort of half joking, but I couldn't tell at the time. Hell, he must have been half joking, cause I donno how he could have actually believed that, no matter how hard he may have been tripping. So he was talking about elves while I looked at his face, partially ignoring what he was saying. His cheek bones were pink and they started growing out of the sides of his face. He looked absolutely retarted. I just had to interrupt his elf story with a large outburst of laughter. He just kept on blabbing on about the elf that was telling him stories or something while I literally rolled around on the ground laughing. He was trying so hard to get me to listen, which just made it funnier and funnier. He kept saying "Listen man, I'm serious, I gotta tell you about this elf, dude! They made the forest and he was telling me about it man!"

So anyways... we all got back on our feet after tripping out in the middle of the forest and decided to set back for the cottage. We didn't know where the hell it was, but we managed to get back.

Inside the cottage we talked about all the things that happened during our walk, and all the things that we saw. It turns out my brother was staring up into the clouds in the sky, watching them make all sorts of different shapes. He also said that they formed marshmallow fountains (Donno what the hell that meant...) and that they were pouring marshmallow juice all over him, and he was swimming around in it. We had a good laugh telling each other about all the stories, then we threw on our Dragonball Z tapes and watched about 5 episodes. Man that show is amazing on shrooms. We totally got into it and pretended we were the characters. We tried doing all these stupid things like shooting energy blasts out of our hands and charging up our powers and everything. Man it was fun. The shows just sucked the life out of us and at about 9:45 we were just about done our trip. After we turned off the TV and sat back down on the couch, we all looked at each other again with the very same "holy shit" look on our faces as we had before. That was the best experience of my life, and I won't soon forget it.

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