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Years later

5.5g + Syrian Rue extract

Sadly, it's been years since I've had this experience but I finally decided to write about it. 

Dose: .5 grams of a Syrian Rue extract bought off eBay followed by 5.5g dried shrooms about 30 mins later.

I don't remember the beginning super clearly since it's been a while but the come up for the first hour was normally. By t:45 I had put in headphones and felt like I was morphing into the couch. The room seemed to expand and the ceiling seemed like a moving rainbow with fractals coming in and out of focus.  This continues for a while but around t: 1hr 40 mins my experience became very intense. Everything seemed to get faster, everything started to vibrate harder, and I felt like I was being stretched and it was actually pretty uncomfortable. I imagine that being in a warp drive would feel similar. At the point of maximum intensity, where being rattled and vibrated to death, everything stopped. I was floating in space and the music was now a vibrating circle. In my head I heard "he's always experienced music like this. It's just one big circle." I was blissfully racing through space observing this circle of music. I was truly one with the universe. I had no connection to my body, my family, my friends, anything. I didn't even know my self. 

After a while the circle faded and I was a rock heading straight for a planet. The friction as I sped through the atmosphere burned and I slammed into the surface. I felt like I was there for billion of years. People would come to me and pray and I would take their pain. I felt their emotional pain, their fear, their physics pain, and every person that prayed I felt that I understood and lived their entire life. I remember feeling the pain of a cancer patient and my body growing uncontrollably fast and the tumors suffocating me. At some point I realized I was in the future and life forms seemed like machines. A beautiful machine told me "you can try as hard as you want, but as long as there is life there will be war, disease, pain, and suffering."

That is the last thing I remember before coming back down. I woke up to my friends looking over me saying I was having a bad trip. I was so lost during this experience I had also pee'd on myself. So a little embarrassing but this journey was by far my most intense. The words really don't do it justice. Thanks for reading (:

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