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My first heroic dose (ego death)

Holy fuck this shit was wild

Heroic dose of shrooms 6 grams (sorry for my poor spelling and grammar)

I scarfed down 6 Gs of shrooms in my room and I watched YouTube videos until it kicked in. it kicked in in like 30 minutes and I was instantly tripping balls everything I’d look at was morphing fast and a lot, so I tried to relax and turned off all the lights And meditate. this kinda calmed me down but the trip was only getting stronger and stronger. I can’t lie I was scared shitless and was losing more and more of my ego I rember thinking that I need to take a shower because I believed it would calm me down. but I wanted to wait until at least 1 in the morning to leave my room to prevent seeing my parents at around 1:30 to something  I went and took a shower. but this did not help relax me at all the shower sounded like machine guns and I was sitting down and I felt like a giant that barley fit in my shower. I showered for probably about 10 minutes than I ran to my room butt naked no towel or anything and I didn’t even attempt putting on clothes knowing that would be far to difficult.I just instantly went in my bed i still had like 7 grams of shrooms on my bed 

 So I threw them on the floor beside me. and just layer down and tried to relax the rest of my trip I was laying in my bed naked I rember all my visuals were constantly changing moving really really fast and every like 20 minutes or so I’d start seeing some serious scary shit like demons or 1000s of spiders. i was also having thought loops of me questioning weather or not I should go tell my brother that I’m tripping way to hard and needed help. I rember at one point seein something so scary I literally shot up from my bed turned on looked at my digital clock and it was 3 something in the morning and the numbers were bouncing really far up and down and the pace of my heart beat. than I turned my light off and closed my eyes some more and something like 30 minutes later maybe quicker than that Time is way to confusing at this point. I rember feeling how wet my bed was either from my shower or me sweating cuz I’m sure I was sweating a lot from how intense my trip was. But anyway I feel the sweat but i think it’s blood and i see myself in 3rd person shoot up out of my body and see me laying there with blood around me and than all the things that were scaring me earlier like the demons and spiders I saw once again flash befor me but this time I wasn’t scared and than I split into millions of particles and started flying into shit around my room. I rember during this feeling pure bliss and I rember just saying in my head everything is connected everything is connected. after that I passed out or something because I do not rember a comedown sadly the next day my mom found the shrooms because I left them right by my bed ): but I wasn’t to mad because I was very satisfied with my experience.

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