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Cannabis trip

An ad-hoc smoke turned into a cool visual experience

Wanted to see if 'lack of inspiration' days can be utilised with ad-hoc inner journeys.

They can.

Lucky Charms (Sativa Dominant).

Excellent quality, huge bowl smoked through a bubble pipe for about 2-3 minutes.

Closed eye visuals of magenta and emerald [magemerald?]. Swirling blurs, hints of patterns and I feel vertigo. 

I feel as though I am spinning, laid on a turntable.

Sound is amplified [and then I don't recall any sound but a 'rushing' for the rest of the trip].

Swirls and blurry fractals crackle under the surface, more zig zags and checkerboards sneak a peak from beneath. 

Magemerald fireworks morph into tunnels.

After hurtling through a few of these tunnels, I get nervous…

Colours are rushing and my eyes strain. It feels as though I am staring into the sun and my retina is under a barrage of radiation - the intensity feels damaging to my eyes! The back of my neck hurts and feels 'blocked'. 

Panic stricken, my ego cries: "You're gonna go blind! You better pull out of this..."

I almost do.

But then another 'me' thinks: "Blind? Unlikely. I'm facing the ceiling and it's cloudy outside... To hell with it."

I feel the blockage at the base of my neck peel away and my mind spill out like water as though my head were a broken vase.

My eyes no longer strain, but I feel them rapidly flashing below the lids.

Then a really extreme bombardment of flashing images hits me.

Somewhere between the streaming magemerald are full 3D manifestations too numerous and too strange to describe, some weirdly morphing into other objects.

These images feel as though on a 'different plain' to the magemerald.

Almost as though the magemerald dances like an aurora over the images.

Or that it is a stream and, below its surface, there are these morphing 3D hallucinations. They occasionally break through the surface, only to sink again.

I surge into another big rush and after a lightning quick dash through a tunnel [of badly rendered 90's 3D dirt, flesh and myriad magemerald shapes] I burst into a large, bright cylindrical space. 

I fully appreciate a new sense of calm as I float in this space.

It is like a womb of light and blueish green rings envelop from behind and then around me, the ring shrinks and comes together as a ball at the centre of the cylinder and flashes a deep purple 'pupil'.

For a moment - it seems 'aware of me'.

More of these rings follow suit and eventually, due to their number, it begins to appear as though I am floating backwards, downwards, groundwards through a tunnel or 'beam'.

Very slowly and calmly, I land and watch as the magemerald shapes dance with one another just behind my eyelids.

[And then my hearing suddenly remembered to do its job.]

Awoken, I open my eyes to the sound of a blustering gale at the window.

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