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Cosmic Plane

I found that in my trip, the change of scenery was something that always seemed to be a prominant factor.

I found that in my trip, the change of scenery was something that always seemed to be a prominant factor. Everytime there is a new paragraph, it shows that the scenery has changed.

This was my first time tripping on mushrooms. It was amazing, more than I could have ever expected. This is the story of my first trip, confusion.

The three of us split an 8th. So I expected it to be a low level trip, but as I have been told "Atitude determines altitude". Which is the truth. I was with two other people, whom didn't think they were going to get visuals, although myself, I was sure I was going to see some of the most wonderful things of my life.

We were playing bones (dominoes) waiting for the trip to start. I looked at the dominoes and they had this odd greenish glow to them. It had started. I was confused. It came on fast, like a train. I felt the wave and road it the rest of the night. After looking at the dominoes for a few minutes I looked up and found my friend K who was not tripping sitting across from me. I looked into her eyes, there were lights. No not lights, they were atoms flying around in her head. Right at the moment I realised what I was seeing, the skin from around her eye peeled backover her head. Yes these are atoms that I see. So beautiful.

After the realisation that adding to multiples of five was an idea of the past, I stood up and walked to the seat across the room. At this point I realised that I was no longer a man of five feet eight inches. I had receaded to the height of one foot six inches. I was walking at the level of everybodies knees. As I found my seat and climbed in I had mysterious grown to mamouth proportions. I towered over everybody, even though I found myself sitting in my new humble abode called a chair.

"Downstairs we go to K's apartment" I walked with a sailors gate. Looked unsure on my feet, but completely in control within the confines of my mind. I walk up to K swing my head infront of hers, as if I was a snake. "How may I help you tonight" Only to get the reply "Your'e fucked up tonight" I momentarily snapped out of my trip, "I am not crazy, only having fun"

I find myself lost in the hall. Too many directions to chose from. Should I go to the left or to the right? Those are the only choices. Why are there so many choices? I decide to walk to the left. Wait how did this wall get here? And this one, and this one and this one too? I find myself locked in the constraints of a four by four cubicle. What shall I do? Of course the answer is simple, walk in circles. Walk in circles until these walls let me out. Wait, I have an answer. Lets knock on this door. Knock, knock, knock. Why is nobody coming?

Finally, someone comes to the door. It is an indian fellow. He says "Yes?". The obvious answer, the one only a genius could come up with. "hi" I walked in a circle. "hi" I walked in a circle. "hi" I walked in a circle. "hi" I walked in a circle. I fell through the wall. I was now a free man. The confines of my body and my mind were on the same level of liberation.

Nothing makes sense. Why are we at this party? I looked to the left, someones face, the right, some ones face, everywhere, someones face. There heads are moving with the fluidity of a snakes. Why do these peoples heads keep shooting out at me? I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, WE NEED TO GO? I demanded, with the incoherence of your 95 year old grandmother, while walking like the town drunk.

Wait, where are we? The walls glowed with gems. The ceilings were now 15 feet high. Everything in this palace was neon colored. Per-fec-tion. The room I was in glowed with color and bounced to the beat of music. The beatles, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. We all bounced to the music. For some reason we were the music.

Time for a trance. Anybody else? Wait you mean that nothing exists? Those mountains over there don't exist? What about the past present of future? My friends replied to me, while sitting in a cosmic forest in outer space, "We are only as real as the light we see. If you want to see the past, jump on a light ray and you will. That is why you have been having deja vu all night. You have come to the realisation that we are all made up of two dimensional planes, which with repition make us three dimensional." I answered "Thank you for you enlightenment?"

I awoke. Inquisitively asked "Have we eaten the shrooms yet?" Only to hear "Nick your a dumbass" How can I reply? "That wasn't a dream then? That all happened?"

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