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Destroyed reality

never again

I had my last trip this weekend. I dont know how much grams it was, I had like 80 pieces, so i dont know if that what happened to me was effect of overdosing, or just bad trip. But I like taking it in spritiual way and to cure my depressions (some eye mask and headphones)

So I ate the shrooms laid down and chill with headphones. After few minutes I started to feel it. I was really in chill and peace, but how it went stonger I had some panic attack (I dont know why, i never had this before), but after a while i was in chill again..Then it hitted hard. In that moment i started panicing again, so i putted my eye mask away and i've seen like my reality is dissapearing. Then i felt like my face started melting and i was losing contact with reality. I woke up somwhere in nowhere where reality didnt exist, where was not time or space, nothing just me and my regrets why i did that. I could not move with my body, i couldnt do anything, i was stuck there for like 1-2 hours.. but there was no time and if there is no time to pass, i felt like iam there forever, i've never felt worse in my life.. i really though it was end of my life, that no one can help me. i knew that mushroom effect had to stop, but i couldnt tell if i would stuck there for like a years when there is no time. Then i somehow woke up look at a clocks and was 22:30, fast ate some sugar stuff to lower the effect, but in that time i hardly moved, i had no feelings, time went too slow.. i dont know if iwas stuck in loops or i was doing everything so fast but i looked at the clock like 100 times and time didnt move, then after really long time for me i've seen that one minute passed, but after a while, but after a while i looked at the time and was again 22:30, i just started panicing out that i was in loops again, so i started taking a notes about what time actually was and that really helped me and i was starting get better, but i couldnt sleep for 40 hours as i was afraid that i woke up in these loops again, iam still afraid to look at the clocks and see the same time I was stucked in..

it was really nightmare.. iam not sure if i will be able to describe what reality is, because there are still things that do not look real for me.. i can hardly recognize what are my memories and what are just dreams.. my brain is totally melted from this experience..

So, my question is .. Is it possible for shrooms to fuck your brain that much, that you will be stuck there forever ? and no one can help you with that, because years there can be one minute in here.. iam really curious about this answer.. be stuck somewhere forever or in loops is one or my worst nightmares and i was never happier than when i get back from this non-reality without time

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