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First trip P. subaeruginosa 1.5g

Walk into questions


For long time I was not interested into trippy experiences. With late abundance of information it made me interested in trying things.

I have had experiences with different kind of substances including two very recent trips of LSD.    

After few km's of walking P. subaeruginosa where acquired dried and date set for journey. 

I researched few recipes and this one caught my eye, sorry do not have original poster.

1) Boil water and add 1 bag of ginger and 1 bag of peppermint tea, let them soak for about 4 minutes
2) Put in 1.5g of subs per person and bring them to simmer. 
3) Simmer for 10 minutes and add 1/2 of lemon juice
4) Simmer for another 10 minutes. 
5) Drain so there are no mushroom bits in tea
5) Add some honey

I did drink beverage in about 15 minutes. At 15 minute mark  music started to sound different, at 30 minute mark wow. These mushies hit me hard. 
There was no sick feeling in stomach, but I had anxiety in body for minute or two, I just let it go. 

Music sounds great, colours very saturated. Things start to float. I was looking outside, everything is just beautiful. 

Closing eyes provided insane amount of colors, but it seemed bit too much. 

I did plan to do meditation at 1h mark, but this idea was abandoned as I was way trippy and was not brave enough to look inside. 

1.5h in decide to go for walk. Walking through the bush was amazing, patterns colours everything vibrating. It was even better at ocean side, waves and patterns in sand. 
Time as concept did not exists and I did learn few things about being in moment.  

Walk was about 30 minutes, have to admit there were some challenging moments but grounding in moment always brought back enjoyment.

About 2h20 min things started to dial back. Very enjoyable saturated colours, everything just looks amazing. 

All in all life changing experience.

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