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Consumed by Love

My first trip was about 3 grams and with 7 very enjoyable commrads.

My first trip was about 3 grams and with 7 very enjoyable commrads. We went to a secluded beach to go swimming. It felt as if a whole new secton of my mind had been switched on. I came in the full of a complete cosmic understanding. The instant! Now! I was a free spirit who lived with out time. All was perfect, SUBLIME! I basked in pure serenity. For the first time of my life i wasn't seperate, i was connect to everything, bonds of love.I was happy with who i was, wiith all aspppects of all existance, i live eternities within seconds, the trees told me of their ttime-less wisdom. The mere sensation of the warm sand between my toes brought waves of ecstasy. And the Water! The flow of it over my body brought me to pure bliss. My soul was set free and it danced, it grooved the life force expanding universe. All that mattered was the moment of the present coexisted with ...the all encombacing energy god-type wowness....and i was part of it, EVERYTHING was part of it and it was happening NOW. My friends and i shared everything, we solely possessed nothing, we fell deeply in love with one another aand openly shared affection. i thought i had entered an unending state of euphoria. When reality hit, it brought a great dispair that i could be seperated once again. I wish that awareness was more readily accessable.

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