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Ocean/Sea Themed trip

Psilocybin Trip

Just a little preface to this particular trip: I've had many trips during my walk on the path of life, all whilst maturing and broadening my perspective of the mind. Each trip I take usually shows me different visuals and themes based off my priorities, Interests, hobbies, relationships etc. 

It has always been easy for me to make sense of what influences make me see, feel, think and hear during a typical trip. Furthermore I can say that even in the bad trips I can understand the majority of my trips afterwards, though recently I have no idea why my trips have become Aquatic themed. 
The last time this happened I was tripping well and everything was fine, I was in control.
That quickly changed while I was listening to some very stimulating music (Kid Cudi's "Rose Golden" to be exact) when I slowly closed my eyes and began to feel myself sink into the bottom of a coral reef.
Yes a coral reef I could see schools of fish swimming in perfect form to the music while each 'chosen' Speaker lead their choirs of sea-kin to and fro.
As usual time was relative and this experience got me, I was trapped in the reef and quickly became a respected member of the ecosystem. At this point in the real world I am literally curled up in a ball with blanket wrapped around me lying on the floor. 

For me the strangeness of this trip stems from the feeling of being brought to such an abstract place as a coral reef. Coupled with the fact I felt like I was there, and with eyes closed I could see that I was there.
Has this ever happened to anyone else? Where were you brought?

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