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5 grams

This morning I woke up excited to join the adventure of Terrance McKenna and friends! I was excited to become a Psychonaut!!

6:30 am grabbed my Nepal Chitwan bag and went to my home office

I weighed out 5 grams and thought to myself "what the hell are you doing?" I've never done anything like this at any time in my life!
I smoked a little weed 30 years ago but this is outside my comfort zone to say the least.

Being an older guy in my  50's and mostly a straight laced go to church do nothing wrong kind of person, this was definitely out of character for me.

(A little background here) about 1.5 years ago I got interested in Egyptology and have read 100's of articles and watching every video on YouTube
under the sun about the Dynastic Egyptian period and learning they used psychedelic's. Which lead to Graham Hancock, Terrance McKenna
Joe Rogan and everything else I could get my hands on. My mind was blown! Everything I was taught and grown up to believe as a 
small town Roman Catholic seemed like a lie! This brought me to Watching videos on what is the next step in my evolution of my character.
Should I try Ayahuasca? Nothing close and I can't afford Peru, DMT? Hell, who would I ask to get it and the video's look long and confusing to make it.
LSD, again, I'd have no clue where to even look for this.. finally I settled on Shroomery.. this seemed feasible..
Bought some spores, learned how to inoculate, spawn, make substrate and made a monotube.. worked perfect for the most part.
It definitely teaches you patience.

6:45 choked down the dried down mushrooms and saying a little prayer with every minor handful(pretty bad tasting)

7:30 went and laid down, set my intentions,  in my darkened room next to my equally straight laced wife and waited for the ride of a lifetime.

8:30 Patiently waited, looking at my phone closing my eyes, minor swirling of geometric shapes were that were kind of darkened and hid away.
Kind of like an old Computer screen monitor with green as the only color. Not real intense but several layers of geometry.  I kept singing songs in my head as well.
(Terrance McKenna always said to do this if you get in a bad place, sing your way out.) 
I did noticed things around me were more magnified, (sounds mainly)and I was still scared from the onslaught of what was going to happen.
8:45 decided to take a bath out of nervousness mainly, I noticed my hands appeared far away as I moved them, which was weird.
nothing to dramatic and nothing emotional like I was expecting

9:30 Just kind of the same stuff, went back to bed but nothing major and very disappointed at this point, I was hoping to have an ego death or something along those lines.

10:30 Got up and cooked breakfast, thought to myself what did I do wrong?

I think I should have fasted for more than 10 hours, and I think I should have used a food dehydrator (which I have order subsequently)
I dried them out with a cardboard box and heated closet and a fan.
Not sure if Nepal Chitwan have a real good potency 
I do weigh 234 pounds as well and am 6 foot tall, maybe it takes more for someone my size.

Any pointers would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
Walter Fegis

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