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1 gram cubes b+


1 gram. Cubes b+ 
7:45- ingestion
8:30- it started to kick in, at first it was random uncontrollable thoughts. Not bad or good just strange and all over the place. It was like being really really high. Then eventually my wife and her band mate showed up and I could hear them in there laughing and it made me feel bad. I felt really negative about it and it consumed me. Eventually I put on headphones and put some binaural beats on YouTube that just propelled me into this beautiful space, it was truly amazing. Everything was felt and understood. I was forgiven and I forgave myself. It was like I was washed of everything. I cried and smiled and laughed and felt amazing. Overall there was a strong body high that was actually pretty awesome feeling. I don't usually like body highs but this felt nice. I got to reflect a little but the whole time it was understood that 1 gram was to little. I was barely scratching at the surface. There were brief moments of super intensity where I was like thats whats next, that's where your supposed to be headed. I definitely understand what Terrance McKenna was saying about smaller doses. You take to little and you try to control things. You have to take enough that you don't have the choice. That is my next step, though I may ease into it. And definitely no surprise visits next time, but I'm glad that happened cause it taught me a huge lesson. Overall good experience, exactly what I needed at this time. Love was given and received, clarity, forgiveness, everything was felt and understood. 
   It is 11:40 now and I am coming down, still feel the lingering highness.

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