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Huge san Pedro cutting and syrian rue

Wow what a trip

I took a foot long san pedro cutting that was 10 inches wide cooked for 6 hours and drank it all with 3 grams rue in capsule
 Silent darkness in my apartment. Girlfriend was fast asleep next to me. 40 minutes in it hit so hard all at once that all I could do was drunkenly walk 2 feet to bed. I instantly saw a white human height orb running through the apartment. My girlfriends brother killed himself next door 2 days before I didn't think about this at the time just couldn't believe what I was seeing over and over it flew by. When I couldn't take that any more I looked up and the intensity went way up I was scared as hell as the ceiling turned into night sky and the walls kept coming apart in fractals and spinning around and disapearing . my soul was totally out of my body and was some how coming apart in fractals and floating around the room.  The first 2 hrs (just a guess) were so intense I was scared as hell. But the visions were the same for the whole 9 hr. trip .look up saw night sky with wall fractals looked down saw running white orb. No waves of intensity like normal mescaline experience. Just 9 hrs of super intense visuals. No spiritual or emotional growth noted like san pedro always does to me. For spiritual growth I would recommend not taking rue with San Pedro. Wow what a trip

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