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Clowns Peering In and Little Purple Robed beings

Yup Clowns

This experience was my third ever on psilocybe. I had been preparing for this experience for a few weeks as I knew I had the disposable time on this particular day. I consumed the mushrooms with little to no expectations of what would happen but I was aware of the physical effects due to my previous experiences. I weighed out around 2.5 grams and ate them. I had fasted the entire day beforehand only drinking water and a few cups of juice(bad idea). The effects began around 30 minutes after consumption and initially the feeling was very euphoric with breathing visuals and a green/blue  hue had entered my vision overlaying everything I looked at. I zoned out laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling dance with what looked like pulsing indescribable text of some kind along with very rudementary neon green/blue faces that had the appearance of a typical clown face paint. After about an hour and a half or so (as much as I can recall), I decided to smoke a bowl of weed at an attempt to increase the intensity of the experience. It did more than intensify it, it almost made me pass out. I am around 6ft in height and I usually get a little light headed if I stand up too quickly but this time was different. I stood up, and immediately my vision went black and red, I sat back down and try to recooperate but I couldn't think, I forgot who I was, where I was, what I was doing and that was terrifying. After I had come to and realized what was going on I drank a few glasses of water and ate some top ramen that my partner graciously prepared for me. After I had finished eating I sat back down on the couch and suddenly I started seeing clown faces within everything, clown heads such as Pennywise from IT, dirty looking clowns with dirty makeup peering in through the walls along with the typical black hole looking eyes popping in and out of the walls. Initially, this was not frightening, in fact I was more curious as to why I was seeing so many clowns. After I had given it more thought they began to get more intense and they appeared all over my apartment. Everywhere I looked I saw clown faces, some happy, some sad, and some angry looking. Soon after I went to the bathroom and these little purple men with pointy purple hats which reminded me of the classic wizard imagery appeared, 4 in a line just standing there staring at me. Soon after that I closed my eyes and zoned out with some music, mostly due to being a little tired of seeing clowns and faces on every surface haha. Regardless, I feel as if this was a good experience.

Things I learned: Certain individuals like myself with high metabolisms should not fast before a trip especially when consuming marijuana alongside pislocybin haha. 

Things I would like to incorporate in future experiences: The biggest takeaway for me was when the trip gets intense it really wants you to close your eyes and surrender. Next time around I would like to focus less on the materials around me and instead let my mind and the mushrooms communicate freely without distractions. 

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