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Conan The Barbarian

This trip is from a long time ago, but I still remember it to this day.

This trip is from a long time ago, but I still remember it to this day. Me and some friends had planned to do shrooms and I had bought a small Ziploc bag full of the stuff (I have no idea how much it was in grams or ounces as I am no habitual user of drugs). I kept it at home and decided to test out the stuff by myself, but not by eating any of the fleshy parts of the mushroom, only the small flakes which had fallen at the bottom of the bag. Oh boy!

I truly wasn't expecting anything to happen so I pretty much emptied what was at the bottom of the bag. I was alone in the appartment, my three roomates gone for another few hours and I sat there watching TV in the half-lit living room. After a few minutes the characters on television started "detaching" from their surroundings, an glowing aura would appear along their silhouettes and It would feel like they were in bas-relief compared to the TV screen. I go into the bathroom to check out my eyes and surely enough the pupils are dilated to the size of a penny! "Alright! It's working!", I'm thinking. So I decide to put on the most insane movie I could think of in hopes of heightening the psychedelic experience.

Let me tell you, David Lynch's Eraserhead is NOT a good trip! It's a fucking mental blast already without drugs, but on shrooms, it'll just make you paranoid. Which is what happened to me. After 15 minutes, the movie became overwhelming and terrifying and I started to panic. So I stopped the film to bring my spirits up, and what better way then by staring at the resulting blue screen on the TV. The blue color beaming out of the screen made EVRYTHING blue in the room. And the shrooms just made the colors THIS much more intense. Everything became peaceful and blue. I don't know how long I was "in" this blue trip, but it felt like an eternitym, but this permitted me to become calm again and focus on other stuff. When I snapped out of it, I turned the lights back on and flipped through the channels.

I stopped on Conan The Barbarian (french dubbed version - this is in Montreal BTW). This normally is NOT my type of film, I'm usually more into art films and foreign films; but in the state of mind I was in, this film became a revelation. My vision had become distorted at that point, the ceiling was "breathing" and waves were forming as if it were made of liquids, everything around was seen as through a "wide angle" lens, like in a film. I began to laugh uncontrollably, this was really funny to me. But what was even MORE funny was the fact that Conan on the TV began obsessing me: I don't know what it was, the music, the slow barbaric action scenes or the costumes, but to me, this had become a MASTERPIECE: perfect choreography, slow motion sequences, you name it! It had just become a REALLY intense thing for me; I was on the same wavelength as the film. I was working in music/video store at the time and was planning to promote the film at work, playing it in the store, making a special theme corner just for the film... I had to spread the good word!

One of my roomates came back at this point, and I was giggling like a schoolgirl by myself on the sofa pondering about my scheme. I don't know if I watched the whole film that night, but I remember to try and buzz out on music instead of images, so I went in my room, closed all the lights, put my headphones on and played some Diamanda Galas (obviously my Eraserhead scare didn't teach me any lesson whatsoever). Surprisingly enough, the music didn't make me paranoid and in the dark, the sounds made the colorful geometrical images move right before my eyes; from wavy flames to more complex kaleidoscopic effects.

I believe I stayed in my bed listening to music until I passed out, asleep, because I don't remember much after this. This trip is nothing compared to some of the stuff I've been reading here, but it's one I've cherished as a fun, self-exploratory experience in my life. They say it's better to do this with a group of friends, but at home, alone and in small quantities, the trip could be enjoyed just as much. Sorry for the long text

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