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A Walk in the Park

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3:30. I get home from school. It's a Thursday afternoon. I eat my shrooms (they've lost some pyscobolobin because they're pretty old). 3:45. I take a ride to the library with my brother. Nothing happens. 4:30-6:00. WHAT THE HELL?!?! I spent $40 on these things and nothing's happening. They must be too old. Damnit! I really wanted them to work.6:15. I start getting mildly feverish. My body begins to sway slowly. 6:18. I close my eyes and begin seeing beautiful patterns. There are rainbow stairways and other rainbow geometric patterns. 6:25. I call my friend. As I am walking to meet her, everything is disconnected. I notice where I am in my neighborhood, then will blank out for a seconds. Then Inotice I am a few houses down the road. I can never finish my thoughts. I know it has finally kicked in. 6:30-I lost track of time. We go to a nearby park. It is overcast. I cannot stay in line when I am walking. I keep turning and walking diagonally. Everything looks like it has a blurry bent filter on it. As I walk, I am unable to finish my sentences. We go on the swings and I feel a rush of joy. I keep telling my friend how good the trip is and saying she would have to be in my position to know. I am not worried, but I keep \\\"seeing\\\" cop cars on nearby streets and I think I hear them. Sometime later-We go to the field area in the park. I keep running towards her and chasing her for fun. My friend does certain things to see how I will react. She runs around a goal to see what I will do and I chase her around the goal. Then she runs away from me and I chase her. Then she stands still and I stand still. I have no idea what I am doing. I am not even thinking about it at the time. Then I hear some girls yelling. Their voices are muffled, yet surround me. I tell my friend we should go to my house now. When I get back - My mom is sitting on the computer in the family room. I am sitting on the coach and I am trying to act as normal as possible. I try to have as little contact with her as possible but talk to her when necessary. My mom senses something is up with me, but does not investigate it further. We go upstairs to my room and my friend plays a CD we made with drug songs. I don't notice it until the second song, at which point the music surrounds me and almost echoes in my head. I ask my brother to drive us somewhere, but he refuses, saying I'm really annoying him. When I go upstairs, it's really cool, because I feel like a giant. Everything seems so small, and I am afraid I will bump the top of the doorway with my head. I go to the bathroom and the toilet looks tiny. When I pet my dog, her head looks huge, and I feel like I am too close to her. I keep petting her crazily. At about 9:00 or something - My friend eventually leaves and I am left on my own because my brother seems annoyed with me. I go into my room and write a song for my band, whatever comes into my head. While writing it, I feel some odd connection to another world. I feel some deep understanding that I can't quite explain. I will try to explain anyway. It is like I am connected to anyone who has ever tripped and I know the true meaning of the world and life, and I have a diferent view of people in the world. My song has a lot of random things I only understand while on shrooms. I also make some drawings. They have warped proportions, lot of lines, and are very creative. They express love and peace. By about 10 or so, the effects are beginning to wear off. I turn on a pink floyd CD, and let the music seep in. I understand what they are singing about and try to relate it to my findings on shrooms. I begin feeling a little feverish. My head is swaying around and the lights are off. I can see the green digital clock in three different places and there are rays coming from it.I go to sleep at around eleven, when the effects have worn off enough. I wake up at two, eat and then go back to sleep. THIS TRIP WAS AMAZING! MY FIRST ONE, AND I LOVED IT. I WANT TO TRIP AGAIN IN A DIFFERENT SETTING, NEXT TIME MORE INTENSELY.

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