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no visuals? lights barley bright

7 gram golden teachers

putting this in the level 3 because I didn't even experience visuals, although it was one hell of a crazy ride. im not sure why I can't trip visualy, I have a hypothesis that its because im very mindful with how my brain works and the decisions I make. anyone got any ideas why I may not be a visual tripper, I only visualy tripped when I mixed alchohol with shrooms but that ended in a bad trip with the whole room on fire lol. but anyways the 7 g trip was nice, I sat for about 7 hours that felt like only 1 or 2, everything was kinda in one ear and out the other, just smoking and bullshitting eachother. but when I went to go stand up, I could NOT WALK at all, my girlfriend at the time had to carry me to her car cuz my legs were so weak and sore, my entire body was. I looked up and saw that shrooms release the chemical in your body that makes your muscles sore and weak like after working out. I also didn't return back down to earth for 2 weeks. I understand how quickly it leaves the body but my brain was still recouping and was in a foggy place.

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