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Analyzing the Simulation of our Lives

4g alone in the dark

Oct 18, 2019
4g 2pm home alone

How I perceived myself:
- I feel like Yoda: An ancient wise one with understanding of reality

Description of my brain's observed behavior:
- We have three brains: Reptilian, Mammalian and pre-frontal Cortex
- Reptilian brain keeps our internal systems going (heart, lungs, fight/flight)
- Mammalian brain is our sub-conscious and urges us to do things (fear, mental messages, sexual urges, overeating)
- Reptilian and Mammalian brains make up the Animal brain and have little concept of time, just "now"
- Cortex observes our behavior, knowing the past and fretting about the future, minimal influence on the Animal brain
- That's why we do self-destructive behaviors even when we rationally know it's bad for us
- "Boredom" is when you have your reptilian/mammalian needs met, the "now" animal is satisfied, but the Cortex has nothing to do
- The Animal brain simply does what it's programmed to. The Cortex makes up justifications for why the Animal behaves as it does
- Animal brains are programmed very early in childhood from environmental input.  This is why advertisers like to get at kids.
- They can be reprogrammed through constant repetition, but the repetition count goes up the older we get
- Our Animal brain contains our "dark" side (fight response).  Anyone can kill, given the right conditions.

How the medicine works for me:
- It dissociates the Animal brain from the Cortex and brings the Cortex into forefront of our conscious
- The Animal can sit there for 6 hours and do nothing, no hunger, no bodily food/sexual needs.
- The Cortex is now able to look at all behavior throughout our life without getting sidetracked or blocked by
  the Animal defense mechanisms such as fear, worry, regret, sexual urges. (i.e. chemical emotional responses)
- The Cortex can observe our behavior and environment over the course of our lives and see why we have our current behavior
- Hypothesis: repetition of new behavior, while on the medicine, is much faster than normal repetition, possibly as fast as childhood
- Analogy: it's like the debugger for embedded firmware, you can see everything but it's overwhelming, so you need to pick what you look at
- You can see everything for a few hours, but can't function in the physical world
- It's a tradeoff between how much you can be aware of and how much you act blindly without "thinking"
- Opportunity to perform a "tune-up" on your subconscious for six hours and then let your subconscious "engine" run when you come back
- It lets me clearly see my needs (refer to Maslow hierarchy) and sees how I'm meeting them or sabotoging them

- Quiet, dimly lit, safe space, no distractions or worldly interruptions (i.e. other people, pets, kids, phone)
- Fasting six hours before taking the medicine
- Available recording device or journal (caveat: muscle control is compromised so writing is difficult)
- After one hour, can eat food, drink water
- Ponder one's life from childhood to now
- List all your needs in life (refer to Maslow) and see how you're meeing those needs
- Note what life behaviors help and hurt you (smoking, overeating, exercise, work, relationships)
- Think about what decisions or changes you can make to positively direct your future
- Try to reinforce those decisions through affirmations or other repetitive behavior
- I watch YouTube videos with teachings that I want to "inject" into my brain (visual has the highest bandwidth to the brain)
- Idea is to break bad cycles and implant new ones (reprogram yourself)
- What are your "rules for living" and "rules for relationships"? Do they match your partners' rules? 
   If not, you're playing different games and your'e very likely to have conflicts.  Agree on your rules and life becomes fun!

Game world analogy:
- If I were "god", what would I do?
- I might create a physical system with any number of dimensions and then want to interact with it to learn about my creation
- On this planet, we are born, we live for (80-100) years with changes in physicality throughout our lifetime
- We have innate urges to avoid pain and reproduce.  Those that don't die early or leave no offspring.
- Our world can be seen as a big videogame and I happened to wake up in this particular body
- Our brain size allows us to learn (be programmed) in complex ways to interact with the world
- Animal brain keeps us alive and reproducing, Cortex makes us self-aware and communicative
- As kids our brains learn behaviors to interact with the world to survive with our given caregivers
- We can program ourselves to maximize anything (such as how much money we make) despite it being completely irrational and unrealistic
   This explains CEO paychecks, extreme beliefs, etc...
- The medicine turns on the "debugger" for the game and we can observe far more, but at the cost of functioning less
- High dosage means seeing more, but we're comatose, unable to remember the experience and with too much information to process
- Medicine allows us to greatly slow down the game simulation, ignore the Animal brain, and observe our
  behavior over the course of our lifetime, possibly allowing us to change it to better direct our own futures
- Analogy to "bullet-time" in FPS: we can, for a short time, relive a moment, slow everything down and see exactly what's going on
- Analogy to EE/FW/SW: Board components are the reptilian brain, firmware/FPGA is our mammalian brain, Software is our Cortex
  EE interacts directly with matter (now)
  FW is our "programmed" behavior (reactive, short-term), stored in body as "muscle-memory"
  SW is our self-awareness and written/spoken communication (long-term, abstract, separate from matter)
- Question: If Whales have much bigger Cortexes than humans, why do we dominate?
  - We're less capable than other meat eaters (lions, tigers and bears, oh my), urging us to do something.
  - We're highly dextrous with opposable thumbs and can interact with matter with much more connections the to brain
  - We can move faster on land than in water
  - We have the dexterity and tongue for complex written and spoken communication, so we can transfer learnings over time
  - One generation bootstraps the next with an ever greater starting infrastructure of technology and information
- Question: are we doomed on this finite planet?
  - People survive by conversion of natural resources into food, tools and technology
  - People who convert this faster dominate over those who are more "in balance" with the planet
  - To survive, you must dominate your enemy or assimilate them into your values/beliefs
  - The strongest groups are most likely to take over and suck the planet dry, despite rational arguments for change

Future directions:
- Have a scientific philosophical trip with smart friend and white board to discuss how reality works
- Trip again with a distinct focus on programming myself (not simply observing)
- Research Maslow's hierchy of needs
- Research Carl Jung psychology
- Ponder: I'm stuck in this body in this reality with no control over physical laws.
   With my current money, brain power, physical health and expected lifespan, what would I program myself to do if I
   could program my subconscious to do ANYTHING?  Ask others what they would do.

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