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8 grams of tea and 5 grams wet


Last week me and my lady got a hotel room , I made tea with 8 grams and brought 5 grams wet for each of us.I ate my five grams with orange slices and drank 1/3 if the tea,she ate 2/3 of the shrooms and drank the rest of the tea,I layed still in bed with my eyes closed waiting on the effects she was still trying to get the shrooms down best she could lol.Not even fifteen minutes in I got high as fuck ,first time trying tea and wow ...still had my eyes shut shit,was coming at me from every direction thoughts and visuals,it was pretty awesome,felt like I was twisting right then left with spirals of rainbow colors when shifting,I asked my gf if she was high and she said no,I started getting a bit uncomfortable so I went to the couch and left her all alone on the bed,I felt bad but it felt weird being the only one high hers didn't kick in yet.we were both really quiet for like a half hour ,I got comfortable  and later next to her and apologized for leaving her, she giggled and said everything is ok we were both really high by that time,omg she never felt so soft and warm it was wonderful,idk how it why but it seemed pictures wallpaper and the headboard were made especially for tripping things were getting really trippy for both of us we were as one seeing the same shit I saw what she described and she saw the same things I did shit was swirling ceiling changing colors...Soo cool,the ceiling seemed low I felt I could extend my arm and touch it from the bed,It seemed like I could feel the air like I found a piece of here hair on me and was splitting space with it just playing with a strand of hair my vision was very abstract and clear,I got up to use the bathroom and wow it was bright and colorful I stayed in there awhile Soo many effects all at once toilet started breathing getting big and small the mirror frame glowed red floor was going up and down I got comfy in there and ran a bath the top of the tub seemed to be level with the floor like inside the floor,water coming outside the fountain was rainbow colors in it I was just shocked by everything has dropped like wow.calked her in the bathroom to get in the tub with me we played Tetris with our bodies trying to both fit laughing our asses off,she had enough and got out I stayed in the water felt too good,got out layed back in bed I felt like I had the strength of ten men and she felt so soft and pretty I gave her the body message if her life I felt like a pro masseuse like none could do it better it was the best feeling I told her a million times how beautiful she was and she gave me a thousand kisses I felt like a man to the core I wanted her Soo bad but we generally have alot if sex and I didn't wanna ruin the moment of tripping we were having she was da muddafukin shit man in her Wonder woman nightgown,I kept telling her she's tricky,I felt like she knew all our purposes and outcomes and was my guide ...idk lol she's a few years older than me and a little more wise I guess.at some point I got up to use the bathroom the water was still in the tub and somehow it was warm, I got back in and left her alone without thinking lol.i was in there about an hour got out she was watching South Park n eating grapes in her own world,we went the rest of the night laying in bed both seeing the same things moving and morphing and shit,it was one of the best nights of my life,it was equador and Cambodian cubebsis,never had anything but cubes but I just got some pan coplienda cyans...cannot wait to try those with my baby ,I think we will have a blast,not knocking the cubes though,I only had one bad experience with those and learned from it out if like 15 to 20 trips,I feel like I can take on like 150 grams fresh,I might next time idk,shooms is be the shit yo!! Fuck yea I don't even smoke weed or drink anymore, mushrooms are way more rewarding and show you things inside and out ....you know what I'm saying

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