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complete peace

My location for this trip was a national park in Holland.

My location for this trip was a national park in Holland. I was in Holland with two friends for our high school graduation. We all decided that Holland (esp. Amsterdam)would be the perfect place to go after completing 12 years of hell a.k.a. high school. My friend and I picked up bags of liberty caps at a smart shop in a close town (the sale of mushrooms is legal in Holland). We then decided it would be very cool to trip in a huge national park where we could run free and not worry about encountering anyone. We each ate a bag (each bag is one dose), it was about 1.2g. This was the amount the shop recommended for a fairly strong trip. We ate at about 12:00pm. After wandering around in the forest for about 30 minutes and starting to enter the mushroom world, we found a nice comfortable picnic bench. We decided to chill here until the blast off was complete and we were not experiencing the take off. I just feel more comfortable sitting or lying down during the first 1 or 2 hours of the trip while everything is starting to get distorted. After awhile I felt like my body was completely light and that I could jump around and do acrobatics without any trouble. But, at the same time that I felt like my body had no weight I also felt like my body was full of lead. It is an experience that cannot be described in words. I was extremely clear throughout the whole trip so far and was really impressed with how smooth everything was coming on. After another short while we both decided that we were ready to go explore the vastness of the park. We quickly left the path and descended into the forest. At this point I was starting to really trip, but predominantly bodily and not visually. My mind was definately in another world and so was the way my body felt but my vision was still crystal clear. Upon reaching a nice clearing under some trees with some extremely cushy grass we decided to lay back and take in the surroundings. It was about 2 hours since we had eaten and the mushrooms were definately starting to take over. I was still very aware and my vision was still clear but I was on another planet and experiencing complete peacefulness. I was so comfortable and happy that nothing mattered. Everything was beautiful just the way it was and I saw everything to be perfect as nature created it. We then decided to smoke. We packed up a bowl of some amazing Amsterdam kind bud (Orange Bud to be exact) and lay back letting everything go. I instantly felt stoned and the trip kind of backed off for a little while. We decided that one more bowl would be perfect. After having finished the bowl, I remember setting the pipe down and that is pretty much it for 2 more hours. My friend and I broke into a great big discussion about home and our friends back there. We completely lost sense of everything except for the conversation. All the time during the conversation we were looking up at the branches of an overhanging tree. They were are small and twisted and intertwining. It was absolutely amazing. I was at peace with existence not having a worry in the world. I was just having the greatest time just being. All of a sudden I broke the conversation and said, "wholly crap we have been here for 2 hours." My friend and I were completely amazed that we had just had a 2 hour conversation about nothing very substantial. I then had to take a piss even though I did not have anything to drink the whole morning. After pissing I came up with THE piss theory. This is kind of wacky but I'm sure you will enjoy it. Well, normally you piss when you have consumed liquids. This is a normal body function. But, when you don't drink anything your bladder does not get filled up. So, if you sustain this period for awhile (half a day or so) your body just fills up your bladder with the fluids in your body making you have to piss anyway. This dehydrates you. I think that is the reason you need liquids. Well my friend found this quite the hilarious theory and we broke into a 5 minute laughing fit. After that we both decided that the peak of the trip had been throughout conversation and that we were both starting to come down. Though, the whole trip was so smooth that it did not decrease fast at all. Coming down was a long process. We met up with my other friend who was also tripping (on a very light dose) and was taking pictures of the park. We decided to go out to dinner then. I slowly came down and by the end of dinner it was about 7:30pm. I was totally down at this point. The trip was very long and super clear. I did not get any visual distortions like off of normal cubensis mushrooms (the kind I usually get back home in good old Allentown, PA). Everything just looked super real and amazingly clear. It was so real that I everything just looked perfect. I enjoyed how everything looked even though I really did not have what I would call visuals. Is that normal about liberty caps? I didn't really close my eyes at all during the whole trip so I'm not sure what closed eye vids would have been like. If anyone else has tripped on liberty caps please let me know. Thanks.

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