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3.6g Lemon Tek

It felt so ancient

This is my first trip report, and I feel it is becoming necessary for me to start documenting as I get deeper into my journey with Psychedelics. Let me start by briefly setting up the point I’ve reached in my life.

I currently work as a Financial Advisor and I am reaching my fourth year of working in finance/ banking. I have been at the same institution and branch the entire time and for the past two years I have been driving an hour one way just to be there. In other words, I have been very patient and committed to the situation. During the time spent there, I have become very attached to money and investing with the ultimate goal of being able to be free from the corporate life as soon as possible. The two hours a day of driving, and the everyday hunger for monetary reward has become so exhausting and I have reached a tipping point in my life where something inside has been longing to get closer to home and back to what is really important to me. I have spent so much time in this grind that it is taking some time for me to regroup with myself and figure out exactly what those important things are.

I have been doing Psychedelics for about eight years now, and they have become increasingly more important to my development both professionally and as a person over the past three years. I started growing my own mushrooms last year and had about 3.6 grams left from my first grow. It was a mixture of golden teachers and B+. My Fiancé was working all day and I was off so I decided to take them the way that I always do. I always fast for 12 hours before hand, then grind them and soak them in lemon juice for 15 minutes (I am a big fan of the Lemon Tek method). During the 15-minute wait, I always do breath-work and meditate to get into a calmer mind state. The timer went off and it was time to take the shot.

I also produce music so after taking the shot I set up my microphone and recording gear in case I was feeling inspired. I don’t know why I do it every time because I never end up recording anything. I am always either way too confused or incapacitated completely. After getting all of that set up, they started to kick in.

At first it was going well. I felt lighter and was laughing as I was blaring some of my past music projects and reflecting on what I have accomplished. Then after about an hour, I started feeling like I was entering the astral plane and things got very psychological. I had to keep trying to move to different rooms in my apartment but just could not stop my negative thoughts or get comfortable whatsoever. I found myself talking out loud almost as if I was having a conversation with myself but it felt as if an entity of some sort had taken over my mind and was making me say to myself the things that I needed to hear. It was so fascinating, yet confusing at the same time. I decided that I was too high. I went into the bathroom and made myself vomit since my stomach was feeling slightly upset anyway. At first I didn’t end up throwing up the shrooms, but a TON of mucus and other bullshit. It was very interesting because I felt amazing afterwards almost as if I was cleaning out all the sludge and negative energy that I let build up in me. After that I started chugging a gallon of water to get as hydrated as possible hoping that it would help the psilocin run through my system. After refueling I went downstairs to my living room and it continued to get more intense.

It got so powerful that it made me feel as if I understood exactly why our ancestors have used these substances as ancient medicine. I now know exactly what they mean by healing and treating the experience with respect. As everyone who has done this knows, it is near impossible to portray the experience to others with words alone, but I plan on being much less recreational and more ceremonial with mushrooms moving forward.

I had this trip yesterday, and today I already took steps to getting myself closer to home and I am making a few more shifts in my life that will all around help shake my attachment to money over my happiness. It tore me apart in a way that showed me even though I just went through one of the most difficult mental challenges of my life, I still made it through by staying focused and positive which is exactly how I am going to handle the transition ahead. I have a refined gratitude towards the Psychedelic experience after this one.

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