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First trip on shrooms report


I learned how to identify cubes and set out to the local cow fields with some friends in tow (I live in a gulf coast state so the climate is perfect).  After a couple unsuccessful attempts, we finally hit the jackpot and found somewhere in the realm of 250 grams of fresh cubensis.  I religiously studied them, making sure I knew with 1000 percent certainty that they would not be deadly to me and my friends lol. Once I was certain I dried them out the best I could but they still clearly had a decent amount of water weight in them.  We all wanted to take the accepted 3.5 grams but  with the water weight I quickly realized there was no true way to get the exact dose we wanted and I had to leave Uni the next morning to drive back home (10 hours away).  In all our infinite wisdom, Me and my friends decided then we were just gonna %u201Cgo for it%u201D (dumb, I know) and we all agreed to try and shoot for a more %u201Cheroic dose%u201D and we thought we were prepared to face whatever came our way.  I now know that we all ate close to 8 grams each of dried cubensis because the caps and stems we ate were at least as big as shrooms that I%u2019ve now found and dried properly that have ended up being about a gram each.  We all ate about 10 full shrooms on empty stomachs and chased them down with orange juice.  I thought I had done a lot of research leading up to this but nothing could have prepared me for the actual experience as I%u2019m sure most of y%u2019all know.

  First of all, I was coming up solo because I was the only one who could stomach the shrooms plain.  Everyone else was making grilled cheeses and pb and js and that nonsense and I stupidly didn%u2019t wait for them to finish.  I thought the come up would be like acid and take somewhere between an hour and 2 hours so when I started tripping balls in about 15 minutes I was freaking out!  Within 30 minutes I was tripping harder than even my peaks on acid and my friends were still completely sober,so I was feeling very weird to say the least!  The grass outside started to get crazy wavy patterns and the colors were all so vibrant.  It was really cool but the anxiety I was feeling was really ruining it for me. I was also feeling quite nauseous on the account of eating so many shrooms.  I decided to go to my room and meditate for a minute to calm down and this helped a lot.  At this point I was thinking I%u2019d definitely be able to handle the trip but man was I wrong!  While I was meditating I started to smell smoke and I leave my rooms to see my friend had burned the crap out of his grilled cheese and smoke was all throughout the apartment. I was getting super worried about fire department/police showing up so my anxiety just came right back.  Eventually I got through this and it seemed like everything was calming down.

  Then Things really started to get crazy around the hour and thirty mark. At this point, visuals were simply breathtaking.  Lights shot across the room, everything looked like it was rainbow colored and I begin to feel like I was seeing things multiple times, but it also felt like I was seeing things in my brain before they physically  happened.  My friends were starting to trip at this point too and we were all just talking on the couch having the craziest/funniest conversation about life that I can%u2019t remember at all.

  I didn%u2019t think it could get more intense but the more we talked the deeper I got into my mind and I started to feel like I had figured out everything/all of life%u2019s secrets. Time began to make no sense, and it was like it was moving in loops rather than in a linear fashion.  Me and my friend were really tripping hard now, nearing the peak, and we begin to melt into one consciousness.  I couldn%u2019t differentiate between his body and mind and he said he couldn%u2019t either.  It felt like we could talk to each other without using English, and at times without even speaking.  We couldn%u2019t understand who we were at that point and we agreed that we didn%u2019t think it was possible to ever be %u201Cnormal%u201D again. The concept of being sober didn%u2019t make any sense and it%u2019s at this point that I think I started to panic a little bit.  I really felt as if I would never be %u201Cme%u201D again and that I was dead.  I was so afraid that we had become trapped in time and that this is what eternity felt like.  At this point I began sweating profusely and got in the fetal position on the couch.  I was sure I was dying and that I had eaten poison shrooms.  I wasn%u2019t scared to die necessarily but I felt bad for my loved ones.  I just imagined their sadness when they saw in the news that I had died, and I felt like an idiot for eating such a heavy dose.  At this point I wanted the trip to be over and as I%u2019m sure you guys know, as soon as you have that thought the trip can really get bad.  I wasn%u2019t willing to let go of my life for the sake of my loved ones and felt that if I relaxed, I would die.  Of course, right as I was thinking this, one of my roommates who had never tripped before (and was on a light dose of shrooms at the moment) looked at me and was like %u201Che doesn%u2019t look so good, I think he%u2019s dying!%u201D.  Maybe the worst thing someone going through ego death would want to hear.  

            At this point I was 100 percent convinced I was dying and I managed to get up and go to my room where I sat by myself in darkness. I completely lost reality and felt I had broken through the thin veil that surrounds our reality and gotten to the next plane of existence where I felt there was a collective consciousness.  When sitting in my room it felt like I lived a lifetime, my hair and teeth began falling out. I looked in the mirror and saw an old man version of myself, and then I died.  But this was short lived as I experience my own birth, and relived some of the important events of my life in my head and then I was me again.  I came out of my room feeling very refreshed and was able to rejoin my friends who had grown very worried about me.  At this point we had a sober person come over who assured me I looked fine and wasn%u2019t going to die.  This relaxed me and I was able to enjoy the rest of the trip as a I slowly came down in waves of intensity and waves of calm.  

          The next few days I felt amazing/grateful to be alive but I wasn%u2019t sure if I could ever put myself through that again.  The trip was around a month ago and I actually just tripped again off 3.5 gs completely dried shrooms and had an amazing (but much more tame) time with one of my close friends. It was definitely still pretty intense though and I think I may try even lower doses in the future for my trips.  One thing I hate the most is the body discomfort so I was also wondering if anyone had any advice for that!  Thanks for reading!

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