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0.30g Run & 1g post routine


This is going to be short (hopefully) -  0.30g works very well for running and has been repeated many times now for my 5 & 7mile runs.  I actually like 0.25 micro grams of LSD better for running but I don't like the 8hrs duration, profuse sweating, and headache afterwards.  Also, I find there is an emptiness in LSD - I can get some new ideas but it is like visiting a house where no one is home, while mushrooms at 1g has what feels like a built-in coach welcoming you at the door.  :)   Of course, we can debate the two and their individual effects but this is my experience and I really don't like LSD due to this primary difference.

Second, 1g taken post run is very nice for extending your day and enjoying clarity in mind.  However!  I have found the day can go bad if you don't take these precautions.  

  • Don't take the 1g within the 4hr window of the 0.30g.  - To expand more - If you take 0.30g at 8a, don't take the 1g until at least Noon.  I have consistently experienced multiple doses within the same 4hr window and it has always resulted in a  very confusing and not helpful experience.  
  • Have a disciplined diet.  - The night before my run I may eat carb heavy, I don't eat breakfast on the morning of my run only coffee with 0.30g, at lunch I take the 1g, and can then have hand portion protein and veggies at 4p.
  • Don't be physically exhausted taking 1g.  - I have really tried to push myself here because I feel like there is some value in pushing your limits but when I am physically exhausted and take 1g it can back fire. I am good for about an hour during onset but then I just want it to end and then it goes to crazy town - nobody benefits from that I think, except when you come out of it and love not being crazy.  :) Examples of when I am physically exhausted is running 5 miles everyday for 5 days, fasting for 2+ days, eating too many carbs, drinking alcohol, overheated in high temperature summers.

I don't know.  I'm kind of going towards Kent on this one from dose nation after listening to all of his last 10 podcast I think he has an important voice that after 3 years now I can see its value.  Mushrooms can make you feel crazy and irrational.  I have both a bachelors and masters degree and consider myself to be of sound mind but I can also see how mushrooms can change your mind in ways that can be both helpful as well as harmful if you cannot find your balance and keep them in perspective as a tool.  There have been trips where I thought I completely lost it but stayed disciplined with my timer to always keep it in perspective it goes something like this: 

1. 45min = onset - be prepared for tidal wave, state your intentions (this comes up naturally which I find interesting), lean-in
2. 1h45min = 2nd wave - not as big as first but can still take you back.
3. 3hrs = interact with someone and drink tea or veggies
4. 4hrs = back to baseline'ish - congrats you are still here.

Anyways, the lessons I have received have been numerous but essentially what everyone else has already said.  Yes, we are all ONE in that we (our consciousness) all comes from the same source, we are manifestations of that source with our identities so that we can experience variability and continue to learn.  I think Parmenides got this (wikipedia) with all reality is one, change is impossible, and existence is timeless, uniform, and necessary.  Essentially, everything you see is 1 step removed from truth which you cannot see, explain, or understand.  "Whatever is is, and what is not cannot be." 

I cannot remember if it was Parmenides but also there was a statement that consciousness was a sphere without shape (the perimeter of the sphere is not a shape or a boundary but more like the edge of a black hole).  On my trip today at the onset I got into this idea that water is our mother because our bodies ultimately came from the ocean and water is female because of the mother and that it is consciousness because it is formless.  I then went on this journey of trying to understand formlessness in that water always takes the shape of the perimeter, on earth gravity is pressing it against the land, in space it is a sphere...  If water literally mirrors its container that that seems like the best case to me of consciousness acting in a similar or exact way.

Oh well, enough for me today. 



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