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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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Well it started when my friend and I took and 1/8 each of some gold cap mushies in the afternoon around 1:00 p.

Well it started when my friend and I took and 1/8 each of some gold cap mushies in the afternoon around 1:00 p.m. We mixed some of them with some orange juice and ate the rest plain..and waited for about 30 min. until they kicked in. As soon as we began to feel to take off on out magical journey we decided to go take a walk out side and walk on a bike path next to his house..It felt so good being out side. The sun was alot shiner then i remembered it but iy just added to the trip. We found this patch of grass after walking for about an hour and laid there, staring at things and watching them swirl and move about..Every time I would look up at my friend, it was like he was a kamealion. He kept changing colors, from green to a kind of purple, to a shade of sky blue..man that was a trip.. and i just looked up and stared at the sky and and saw swirls going around in a whole bunch of different colors and when ever i saw a fly or a bird , it would leave a trail for about five seconds or so.. it looked so crazey.. after staying there for about 2 hours ,cause my friend wanted to go we charged back to his house but along the way we kind of had to cross a sreem so we did but i had to go pee.. while i was going my friend shouted and told me to come over and check something out.. he found a bud plant growing among some high bushes.. i was shocked..so we grab it and start walking down the street with it(thinking about about it know that was a real stupid idea) and laid it in his yard.. for the rest of the trip and kept coming in and out of my high flying world, which was stressing me out. And finally I hit a soberness stage,and had a lot of thing on my mind...I don't know exactly what i was thinking about but it changed the way I thought and acted for about 2 weeks

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