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First time trip

Approx 1.3g of powdered Psilocybe subaeruginosa

NOTE: This was many years ago and so the order of events is hard to remember exactly. Also im not the most gifted writer so please bare with me.

The year was 2013 and I was 17 years old. I had recently acquired 2.5 grams of  Psilocybe subaeruginosa (at least that's what I was told it was) from a dealer in the south of Western Australia. I was in my girlfriend at the time's house, we'll call her S. We agreed to split the shrooms down the middle and take half each. We split the capsuals and downed them raw at about 8:30 at night, no problem, now we wait.

We were in S's room, she had a large double bed so we sat there talking and hanging out while we waited for the shrooms to kick in. After about 30 minutes S starts to tell me she is beginning to feel it. She told me the room was becoming more colourful and it wasn't long before I started to notice it too. The walls were becoming more yellow (from the room light), it was subtle but quite enjoyable so I suggested we go out into her backyard and S agrees.

We sit in her back patio at a table and talk as the trip begins to progress. It's hard to describe but the way I thought began to change. I noticed that the trees in her backyards were feeling lonely.....you see the trees were palm trees so they were straight and tall but because of the patio only half of each tree was in the light leaving the top (head) of the tree to be in darkness. This led my tripping brain to sense that the trees were lonely and sad and so I began talking to them. "Don't worry" I said, "I'll keep you company" and with that I went and sat on the grass next to them, really appreciating the size of them, they never "spoke" to me but I was like I could feel their emotions, sort of like ordinary empathy one my feel for a living thing but dialed up. I don't quite remember S's experience at this point but when we went back inside things picked up a bit for me and a lot for her!

We went back into her bedroom and by this time we were both feeling really happy, constantly laughing and smiling. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and having a profound experience. It's hard to describe but It was like the reflection was not me, but me from another dimension, or maybe I was from the other dimension. Either way I felt dissociated with the person I was looking at which allowed me to judge the being in front of me without personal bias and I found myself to be really happy with this person. He was nice, competent and attractive (lol) and I felt like I could be his friend which made me feel good about being that person.

I look over at S and she is looking in the mirror and slowly swaying from side to side, she explained to me that when she rocked to the left the room exploded into colour, into a sort of "shroom world" and when she rocked to the right the colour would change back to normal, she was laughing and now so was I. By this stage it had felt like we had been tripping for hours. I pulled out her phone and began recording and we both laughed because looking through the phone was like peering into another dimension. I say "S, how long do you think I have been recording you?", "half an hour" she says, I look down at the time and begin laughing hysterically, "hahahaha, ONE MINUTE!" we were both astounded by the time dilation.

The trip went on in similar ways for a while, S told me that when she opened her mouth while looking in the mirror it was like her jaw was melting off, this was making her laugh. We eventually went into her dark loungeroom and as we sat there surrounded by little lights from all the electronics, S said ïts like the lights are all little eyes of forest creatures surrounding us" and immediately I saw it too. It was amazing the way our creativity was boosted and we were able to imagine these things. Eventually we came down (around 2 in the morning) and we went to sleep.

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