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Coffee Shop Tripping

Well, it was a march friday at about 6:00 pm when I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop with a friend.

Well, it was a march friday at about 6:00 pm when I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop with a friend. T (17) had 7 grams of cubensis at his arsenal, while I had four grams of the same strain. We were going to dose at 7:00, but we were getting bored so we decided against that. We got tea to go (hot water in a styrafoam cup), and broke up our mushrooms. I put in my four grams, and T did the same. We let it sit in the cups for about a minute when a friend told us that the styrafoam leeches out the psilocybin. We somewhat doubted there was any truth to this, but none the less, we poured in some cold water and chugged the shit down. It tasted a little like urine. We then went down to the river for a bowl or two. As we lit up the bowl, and I coughed my lungs up, we began to notice that we were a little high. We then walked back up to the coffee shop and sat with three friends who were going to shroom in a couple minutes themselves. The first indication I got that I was tripping was when I noticed the familiar feeling of a loss of urinary control. I went into the bathroom, tried to urinate, but was unable to. I stood there for five minutes with no avail. Well I went back out and sat down. I was hallucinating at this point. For the next 30 minutes or so I sat there watching the walls move, and having fun with my phosphenes. My closed eye visuals became a little unpleasent, as I kept seeing fucked up images of old ladies and other weird stuff I didn't particularly like seeing. I kept wanting to trip out on geometrics, but my mind seemed to be going in the wrong direction. T had left with some people, and the three people who I was sitting with had just dosed. I began to talk with a scottish accent and was all like "Y'see I ate some mushrooms eh?? And the mushrooms, they make me talk funny eh? Y'see y' eat the mushrooms...." well at this point, the three of us went up to D's apartment. Once up there, we sat on the couch, had bowls, and talked gibberish for hours. Someone gave me some beer, and I have an unusually low sensitivity to alcohol when on mushrooms (and possibly other psychedelics), so it affected me stronger than usual. At about 9:30, I had to go home, so I exited the apartment building. WHOA!!! Was I screwed!! I stumbled along the sidewalk trying to reach the busstop, which I eventually did, but was still totally fucked!! I stumbled onto the bus and grabbed a seat. Some girls were talking about me being drunk (even though I wasn't), but I didn't care. I got a little scared at times because I didn't know where the bus was I was tripping so hard. Whenever I looked out the windows I just saw blurry colors, and it was totally dark out too. Well I finally made it home, but with alot of effort. Next time I do mushrooms in public I plan to bring cab fare.

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