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Closets Kick Ass

Well, it was a Thursday and a minimum day at school.

Well, it was a Thursday and a minimum day at school. I had 3 grams of shrooms and when it comes to drugs...I have no self control. I got home and munched down on them. About five minutes later I called my friend Brian(who had also been trying to get them for weeks) and he invited me over. When I got there he ate a whole eighth in one mouthful. He went to his room and I was just chillin on his computer. About thirty mintues later his curtains turned into blue trees and started dancing, it was some crazy shit. I called him in the room, and he noticed the same thing and the wall was getting closer.

About ten minutes later his brother and cousin showed up, and knew we had already eaten our shrooms. We all walked out back to see what brian and I would do. His brother threw a rock..and all the sudden it turned into a flying frog, and flew away. Brian and I couldn't get over the plant in his yard, and how fast it was growing. I decided to take a look over the fence...since there was an open field. It was some crazy shit! I saw a bunch of people running around beating the shit out of eachother...it scared the hell outta me. I went back in the house and watched the carpet turn to water. I wanted to try out a dark place...so Brian showed me to a closet...and that's when the level 3 kicked in!

Right when the door closed, the closet turned into a giant dark room..with about ten other people in it. We all started talkin about how cool the toilet paper was that I was sitting on. I saw somethin yellow keep running by me..and all kindsa colors were flying through the air. Until somethin grabbed ahold of me, and I started banging on the door. Brian opened the door and said it was his turn, and five minutes later I heard the same banging on the door. Well, we were trippin balls so his bro kicked us out before his dad got home...so we went for a walk..and got lost as fuck. I must've said "wow man" about five thousand times. We talked about how much we loved the neighborhood we grew up in. We walked over to Clint's house and knocked on the door. He nearly killed Brian by makin him think a bug was diggin in him...you shoulda seen his face..LOL...but then again..Clint had me thinkin i was speaking spanish...we took off and ended up at a junior high school.

From there, we started peaking...there was a football game going on, a soccer game, track, and memorial for a girl who was killed. It took us about ten minutes to decide where we wanted to go until we finally sat down in the grass. We munched on the grass a little ..and I wouldn't shut up about how much i loved nature and how much i loved things. All the sudden I saw a little black gnome...he pointed at me and laughed..and ran around in circles around peoples legs...i started seein all kindsa colors as i watched people run by us..and brian had his hood on and was scaring them all as they ran by...i could've sworn my legs melted into the ground at that time...i felt like this shit could last for eternity...i told brian all I wanted to do for the rest of my life was lay in that field and eat the grass...well...some guy kicked us out cuz they needed that field for soccer...so off we went again...and this time we walked to a creek and just layed there in the dirt...we started to come down...and just watched some squirrels chase eachother...the leaves were pink ..but i didnt give a shit anymore..it all made sense...some guy walked buy and i mooched a cigarette off of him..it took me like ten minutes to light the little fucker..it kept squirming around in my hand...i went back home and chilled on my bed for the rest of the night.trying not to trip cuz my mom was home..what a kick ass first time!...that closet had some crazy shit in it!

ADVICE-dont shroom at school....make sure you won't have anything to worry about...try chillin in a closet...trip with somebody else..and just have fun...motion sickness is likely for your first time....THANKS FOR READING MY SHIT...GIVE IT A 5!!!hahaha...later!

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