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First mushroom trip

and an introduction

I have about 5 trips to share, this is a recollection of the first.Everyone is wherever they are in their human experience, what they know, etc.; what I share is what i think, I am not trying to tell you what your trips meant. I do think I have a different perspective to share. When we share what we think is true, inherently that means that we think contrary positions are not true; everyone does this, but often they do it tacitly, not as consciously as I will proceed to do. Please pause before you criticize me, and realize you are doing the exact same thing. If you don't like what I have to say...so what? If it makes you angry then just don't engage me whatsoever. If you disagree, OK, I'm cool with that. You do you, if what I have to say conflicts...it's just words. I know people like Terrence McKenna have a huge following in the shroom community, I get it. I have a contrary view from the things he has said about it (I have read all his stuff) I'm just putting it out there. I expect nothing from you. Quick background: From 19 to early 30sI was an evangelical Baptist minister who worked overseas. I remain a Christian, well to myself anyways, I also realize that many traditional Christians would disagree with that assessment. When I say that I consider myself a Christian primarily what I mean is that I do consider Jesus Christ to be the second person of the Trinity. The Bible is interesting to me, but I do not consider it "the Word of God", but the record of people who encountered God...as who they were in the time they were, in the socio-political setting they resided in. I regularly argue with the writers in my mind. I do not believe in the "Fall" as Christians understand it...I point to something about what it means to be a human being, that I think they are pointing at as well when they call that thing "the Fall". I do not agree with them, but we are talking about the same thing. I do not believe in the existence of hell. I do believe in the existence of evil spirits, that are in a conspiratorial revolt against God. I believe that the concept of "hell" is the invention, primarily to malign the character of God with, but also used as a fear lever to manipulate human beings. I am extensively read in world religions and philosophy.  Enough preamble, I just wanted you to understand the context before I shared my trips. The first trip really didn't require the explanation as you'll see, but as I intend to share several trips over the next few days I wanted to introduce myself now.

My first trip was with my two sons and one of their friends. Years previous over about six months time, prior to any use of any kind of psychedelics, I had a series of mystical experiences.  And about two years before the trip I recount I had used marijuana a number of times,but I've never really enjoyed marijuana. So I ate the mushrooms my son gave me.  I had maybe 2 1/2 grams, they were all taking around 4, but they were all experienced. Maybe around an hour later colors became very vibrant, like I was seeing them for the first time. Pretty usual stuff.  A bit later and I felt a strange quality. I felt that I could feel the magnetic flow of the earth. I stood up, stood on one foot, and swirled my body around. I said, "I feel like a human gyroscope."  I thought it impossible that I would fall down because I was inside the magnetic field and very conscious of it. And I didn't fall down. Twenty minutes later I had the experience of fusing with the couch I was sitting on. My back joined with the couch and the back of the couch became my new back. Then they turned out the lights and turned on some music. I think it was a band called Avenged Sevenfold, but I am not certain. There was a storm coming so the wind was really whipping outside. A tree's leaves near the window of the room we were in would hit the window. Maybe 10 minutes into the album I looked outside and it looked exactly like the leaves were head-banging in time to the music. I looked over at my son's friend, then at the window, without saying anything. He looked and without me having said anything he said, "You're right, it looks like the tree is head banging to the music."  They began smoking marijuana. They passed the pipe around to each other. I took a hit and passed it on. I hadn't intended to smoke marijuana because it usually leaves me too reflective, and leaning negatively. Not a major downer, but just too introspective, and focused on the more negative things in life. It also tends to make me sleepy. Anyways, I think I was just caught up in the socialness of the whole experience and smoked about 5 times as the pipe came around. I had really been enjoying the mushroom trip. All the various interesting phenomena. The marijuana started making me sleepy. But then there was this weird twisting in and out between the mushrooms and the marijuana. For awhile mushrooms would take the ascendancy and I felt the music, the colors(there was a kind of lava lamp device on the table), and felt really good. Then the marijuana would fight to the top and I felt sleepy,listless. So inside my own mind I began cheering for the mushrooms. I said (to myself) "Come on mushrooms, whoop marijuana's ass!"  And each time mushrooms had the floor I cheered (internally, I didn't want to negatively affect my son's and their friend's trip). After that album they put on the newer Tron Legacy movie. I did fall asleep for awhile,but I would wake up from moment to moment and it was just really weird...the movie would be saying something that took on this really important sense to me, like for example one quote I still remember is " Behold!The son of our maker!"  Anyways, it was an interesting movie to trip to. That's really about it for this trip. My future trips became more and more spiritual, more intense. I will share some more in coming days.

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