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Closets are the Shit

I had been trying to get a hold of shrooms for nearly two weeks and when i did it was great!

I had been trying to get a hold of shrooms for nearly two weeks and when i did it was great! it all started last thursday when my friend Nick called me up sayin he had just taken about 2 1/2 grams and that he wanted me to eat my 1/8. i invited him over and i started chowin' down.

i told him to chill in my living room so i could finish up my homework real quick. 10 minutes later i came back to see how he was doing and his pupils were about 3 times as big as they normally are. He said he was starting to feel it.

He was looking at the flower wall paper in my kitchen when he said it looked like the wall was breathing. i started to stare at it to see if my affects were coming on and suddenly the wall began to move in and out a little.

this was about 20 minutes after eating them so i was suprised at the quickness it was affecting me. the more i stared at the wall the trippier it was. thats when the flowers on the wall started growing. it looked so real!

we started exploring my house to see what else looked cool. i stared down at my carpet an it began swirling around like water and made little waves. i tried to touch it and make ripples but it didnt do anything.

at this point my brother came over with my cousin. my brother had never seen anybody on magic mushrooms and i had never tried them before this. the four of us went outback to see if we could find some cool stuff back there. i looked over to my garden and one of the plants was growing really fast. i thought it was going to grow out of its container and pull me in so i ran away from it. my friend nick was looking over the fence and he said that he saw some people running around in the field, but he must've been tripping.

back inside i looked at the curtains in front of the window and they began to turn into trees. i was wondering why i had blue trees in my house, when i looked over at my brother and his ear just started gushing blood out onto his neck and shirt. he got kinda scared and checked in the mirror. then he gave me a look like 'what the fuck are you talking about?'. he told my cousin he was going to get his friend chris and would be back in a couple minutes.

then me my cousin chad and nick all went outfront to see how it was. i stood their looking at the grass and it started swirling like the carpet was. the pole i was leaning against begain melting. the side panels on my house were made of wood and began flowing like it was liquid. at this point my brother and chris walked up and started talking with me. i told chris that the lawn was moving, the house was liquid and that the pole was melting. then i told him i ate the magic mushrooms i showed him earlier. they all laughed, because it was so fuckin obvious that i did.

then the 5 of us went back inside and thats when i noticed the walls were melting in my hallway. i stopped to look at them for a second, then walked away not thinking much of it.
i kept on getting this feeling that i was supposed to do something, but i didnt know what it was. everything i tried to do either took a 1/2 hour or didnt get done. Nick said that he heard going in a closet on shrooms was hella tight so he went in the one in my hallway. he was in there for a while before we started to hear him yelling at somebody in there. i opened it up and he was sittin there saying man, why did u open the door that was fucking cool. i told him i wanted to try it so it got on in and soon as i closed the door i turned around and my closet was a huge room filled with at least 20 people. i didnt know what the hell was going on. then i started seeing hella colors and everything turned psychadelic and i saw muchrooms and things i couldnt explain.

when i finally came out of the closet there was a sixth person in my house. it was my brothers friend who had come over. since me and nick were still trippin balls we had to leave before my dad came home.we started walking down the street talking about how our neighborhood had been hella fun to grow up in as a little kid. we started walking and ended up by our friend clints house. we knocked on the door and he came out to talk awhile. when i told him i ate the shrooms, he began lookin at me strange. i asked him what was wrong and he said "What the hell is that...? theres a bug on your face and its .... OH MY GOD ITS DIGGING INTO YOUR SKIN!!!!" i began screaming my head off, grabbing his shoulders telling him to please get it out before it got too far in. i looked over at his girlfriend and she was just laughin at me. she said that wasnt cool to do to people while their shroomin and you can give them a bad trip. that made me feel kinda dumb.

then we walked to the junior high school. there were so many things going on there. we stood in the middle of the grassy field looking around at the football game, people running around the track, older people walking their pets along the pathway near the creek, and there was some lady giving a speech about some girl who had been raped.

as i looked closely at the crowd of people listing to her, i saw a little green gnome running around at their ankles. i watched him running around in circles for awhile then he stopped and looked at me. he kinda jumped like he was suprised that i could see him, then disapeared into the crowd of people.

we got tired of standing and layed down on the grass. i pointed out a different colored patch of grass about 20 feet away, and every time i looked over at it, it was about 5 feet closer than it was before. eventually, we were laying on top of it (somehow) and we began eating it.
i had never eaten grass that tasted so good. it was fresh and moist and just then right texture.

as the football game ended, so did our trip. we were coming down as we began walking along the creektrail to nicks house. everything looked so peaceful and fresh. we watched some squirrels running around in circles for no reason. we got to nicks house and hung out for a while until i had to go back home.

this was my first trip and was perfect. next time i want to try shroomin with a whole quarter oz.

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