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A very fun night

ok well first off, Im about 164 pounds, and like 5'11 or so.

ok well first off, Im about 164 pounds, and like 5'11 or so. I am at college right now, and i was looking for something to do, and i have been wanting to try shrooms for a long time as i have been reading on this sight for quite a while but never got the oportunity to try shrooms. finally i heard some people outside talking about tripping on shrooms, so i asked one of the dudes if he knew where to get some, and he told me that he did, so he called his dealer and we went to go pick it up. I got 2 grams as i didnt want to over do it the first time. I have taken acid about 8 times before so i was pretty sure i was decently prepared for what was going to happen. i have also been smoking weed since the 8th grade so yeah. anyways me and some friends went to a park to smoke some weed, i wasnt sure if i was going to eat them right then, since it was like 1 in the morning, but i decided to eat them anyways. the taste wasnt too bad, but wasnt very pleasant either, i managed to keep it down though. so we started smoking weed, and then like about 30 minutes later we went to go get some food in my friends car. thats when i started to feel different and look at things in a different way so to speak. i started to just look at people and then laugh out of nowhere, it was funny to everyone else too, cause they werent even tripping, but they were high. i have heard that shrooms make some people nausiated , but i had no such problem with that. in the drive through of a taco cabbana i started to look at the grass,it was very very green and i started to talk to the grass as if it was my job to take care of the grass or some shit, it was weird. then i looked at a tree, it had some little birds in it, i dont know really how to explain this but it was really cool, the tree was morphing and growing and shrinking again, and patterns started to appear on the concrete and swirl around, i was reminded of an acid trip when this happend, and i was amazed at teh patterns forming on the ground. we went back to the dorm and some crazy shit happend and people told other people i was tripping and this pissed me off, cause then everyone started to fuck with me which wasnt cool, but it didnt stop me from having a good trip. i couldnt help but just stare at the carpet for a long period of time, it was just soo great. me and my friend then went up to my room and got my vapoizer when i went into my room it was pitch black, and i was overwhelmed by it, i wasnt scared it was just simply amazing, because i was seeing things that i couldnt see in the light, such as webs of purple forming in mid air, and shapes moving around in the dark. i finally somehow got my shit and went to my friends room. i kept on complaining about how loud and crazy his ac unit was, it was really freaking me out, but not that bad, i got over it. finally when it heated up we started to vaporize and the trip got pretty intense, it was great. when i went to empty the bowl out in the sink, i could avoid staring in the mirror,it was the most awesome thing in existance at that moment. i then started to have sort of an out of body experiece. as i was staring at myself i began to think i was in the mirror looking out at myself like there was two of me or something but in a different universe. then his roomate came in when i was loading another bowl, it was intensely scary haha, my friend then threw his jacket over m shit. i didnt want to move, so i just sat there like a fucking moron and laughed stupidly while my friend sneakily grabbed all the shit from me and then we went back to my room and i put it up. i think this was around 4 in the morning. i then listened to my ipod, and put on some pink floyd, some of it actually scared me listening to it. i was connducting a freaking symphony with my hands or something and weaving purple webs everywhere it was nuts, at one point i think my fingers turned into feathers or something. i did that for probly an hour, and then i decided that i would draw some shit, i drew the most random stuff, it doesnt even make any since. i wrote the word zappa tap, across one drawing. i had to piss really bad so i got up and open the door the light was overwhelming and had a weird glow to it, the hallway seemed so damn long. i then saw my fried coming up to go to bed, he just laughed at me constantly cause i couldnt even make a proper sentence my words were all jumbled up but i probly thought that i was talking normal, i went to the bathroom and that was the greatest piss ever. i then had to stare in the mirror again. i hoped that noone would walk in and see me staring and then i wouldnt be able to move or something because that would have been bad. anyways thats pretty much it for this trip, i think im gonna shroom next week too, but next time im taking three grams instead of 2.

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