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Breakthrough Trip: 50g Psilocybe Atlantis Truffles and Bong Hit!

Eyes have been opened for eternity.

Well, where do I begin...

So my friend SWIM decided to chip in with some friends to order 150g psilocybe atlantis from a magic truffle website. The package came, SWIM weighed up his friends truffles and put them in the fridge. The next morning, SWIM saw another parcel at his doorstep. No... It couldn't be... To SWIMs sheer amazement, ANOTHER 150g had been sent, presumably by mistake! So SWIM topped up his friends and had quite a few left over.

SWIM meditates every day, exercises most days, spends time in nature, eats a plant based diet and makes all the effort to keep himself healthy and maintain a high vibration. SWIM is also a fiend for adrenaline and has been experimenting with magic mushrooms and truffles for a while now. 

One night, SWIM received a call, no, THE CALL. It suggested he takes 50g of the truffles in a lemon tek, and to take a bong hit of some dank weed on the come up. So he did.

The last "high dose" (I won't say heroic, but it was a significant trip) SWIM took was 4g of magic mushrooms. 50g and a bong hit was a completely different ball game.

So SWIM has drunk (and chewed) the lemon tek and is chilling in his room now, meditating, as he does while waiting for his vegetables to take effect. As he started to feel a buzz, he went downstairs, removed his bong from the freezer and took a bong hit of some very pleasant, potent herb.

NOW WHEN I TELL YOU. SWIM went back upstairs and continued to meditate, but it came on wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hard for SWIMs liking. It felt like something in SWIMs brain had exploded (he felt as though it was his pineal gland) and he was receiving an overwhelming number of thoughts that were jumping back and forth non-stop. His bed was twisting and turning and warping and it was just pure insanity. He actually believed that someone had sent that extra package with a poisonous product inside it, which mimicked real truffles, to kill him. He just wanted the trip to end.

Now as this trip progressed everything with an edge kind of merged with the room as one (i.e. SWIMs phone was just a floating screen in the air, no edges, no arms holding it. Just a screen.) SWIMs senses began to merge, and SWIM was just able to sense energy from one ultimate sense, as if touch, sight, sound, taste and smell had all merged together to produce one immensely sensitive supersense. This supersense was extraordinarily sensitive to energy; for example SWIMs sidelight felt overwhelming even when he wasn't looking at it, as though he could feel physically feel the waves of energy it was letting off. Meanwhile, SWIMs pineal gland or "third eye" was emitting a loud, humming like vibration which increased with time as if it was attempting to tune into a different radio station. After managing to calm down a little and just let the trip do its work (as you always do if you're an experienced tripper), the craziest thing happened.

Before he knew it, SWIM was catapulted at light speed into what looked like stars and galaxies; and could feel and hear his pineal gland or "third eye" vibrating extremely intensely. SWIM felt as though this "antenna" was contacting aliens and multidimensional entities and was tuning into extraterrestrial frequencies. He saw spirits of all sorts flying past him; some resembling the dementors in Harry Potter, although details in this "dimension" were difficult to remember. He felt like he had completely merged with the universe.

As so ridiculously far from planet Earth and human concept this place felt to SWIM, he said it also felt extremely familiar. He felt as though he and everyone he's ever met has also been to this place at one stage. So familiar that he felt confident he could turn around to anyone he's ever met and be like "wow, it's a crazy place isn't it?"; but of course, most would not have a clue what he's talking about. He said it was just impossible to describe with words.

What only lasted around 6 hours (assuming), to SWIM actually felt like 1-2 years, WITHOUT EXAGGERATION. Time just didn't exist, like someone had come and pressed the pause button on linear time. It's like he experienced another life in another plane of existence, in which time just was not a thing. This was one of the most mindblowing factors of the trip.

SWIM, after piecing himself back together and returning to Earth, was purging and purging what he now believes to have been blocked energy. He couldn't stop laughing, crying, yawning, shitting, shaking or moving his body. He said he believed that what he experienced felt like what he'd imagine ayauhasca to feel like. It was insane.

They say when you have a breakthrough, you know you had a breakthrough. SWIM knew he had a breakthrough. After experiencing this, he is convinced that there is much more to life than what most people perceive; having experienced what he felt like a supersonic trip to space; but space in a completely different realm where linear time does not exist and spirits are present. This has changed most of the existing beliefs of reality for SWIM, as he is so confident that the brain just simply can't reproduce from the sub- or unconscious mind, or even begin to comprehend what he experienced. He described it as "realer than real".

If SWIM had 2 words to describe the trip, he would describe it as COSMIC and ALIEN.

What are your thoughts on SWIMs story?

Peace & love!

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