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0.30g run then 1g post run


I have had some repeatable successes and also some repeatable disappointments on two protocols that I thought would be good to capture: 

Success: Running on 0.30g 

Mushrooms has helped me return to wanting my body to be optimally tuned so healthy is definitely better.  In my experience no alcohol or sugar is the most effective way to lose weight fast but can be difficult to sustain.  Incorporating progression in physical activity helps as a long term strategy for your slips in food choices.  I have gone all meat (Thanks to Peterson) and all vegetables (Yes I juiced for 90 days straight) and in the end it is only about what you can sustain, so running helps me suppress bad food (because it no longer looks attractive) while also finding meditative space in longer runs as a reward.

I now have had two runs with equal success on 0.30g (always dried that should be a given at this point).  I like to take the dose 45 minutes before I arrive at my destination to run.  Focus on your run during the 15min phase shift, remember this is the onset between 45min-1hr from time of initial ingestion.  Then start the run at the 1hr mark.  The first mile is a good stretch as muscles are loosening up and then at the 1.5 mile to 7 miles (so far) it feels like I am on auto-pilot.  Auto-pilot is this phenomena where you do things out of habit in your life like drink your morning coffee, take a shower, drive to work, drive home from work, wind down for bed, etc.  When I am running on 0.30g its like the auto-pilot is just follow the trail and there you have it.

Now why is this auto-pilot important during the run?  I find myself free to associate ideas, points of view, my circumstance, what I want to do vs. what I need to do as thoughts that are very liberating and rewarding.  For example, my last run I got into this thought arena of how I liked Peterson's viewpoint on hierarchy as an important paternalistic, materialistic, and culturally valued proposition.  It made me reflect on my on life as reaching goals I have wanted as a result of abiding by the cultural norms.  Then, I started visualizing the hierarchy as a pyramid and thought of that symbol across history and images of how it had so much significance on how we see success in the world dominated by the objective or the material.  Then I referenced Penrose on his view of beginnings and endings of big bangs - simply each big bang beginning is simply the end of the previous.  So there is a sequence of repeatable experiences we have combined with a hierarchy.  What about opposites?  For the sake of argument lets say Yang represented the up Pyramid then Yin has to represent the down Pyramid..right?  If we can recognize leaders in our hierarchy for the up pyramid (yang) - leaders of governments and business then who are our leaders of the down pyramid (yin) - who are leaders of the soul?  Certainly not religion, although I do think Peterson is on to something with the archetypes of religion as a basis for the axioms for which we must all center ourselves but there has to be an updated evolution of the spirit for the this time and space.  We can build on those archetypes of Cain and Abel and Sacrifice and the like for sure but how to live in today's culture of technology no other culture has had to counter.  I could go on here but suffice to say the matters of the mind and imagination have to abide by hierarchy as well but we seem to be very disorganized (maybe by definition) - like we only have pieces.  Example - LSD, I think Bache has this tied down with his new book in Summer 2019 (Diamond Luminosity), Mushrooms - Terence, has to hold the torch here for depths. MDMA - MAPS is carrying the weight for PTSD.  There are so many others as well in a soup of delinearity it can be hard to tell who ranks where in the hierarchy..shulgins, bohm, lazlo, the whole huxley group of elites, the artists, the musicians, the greeks, I mean we are all over the board..ha. 

This is an example of that thought bubble I was in over the 5 miles or so.

Disappointment: Taking multiple doses at different times.

I'll keep this short.  There has to be something with the rhythms or oscillations of confusion that occurs with multiple doses within the same say 4 hour windows.  Its like each dose has its own lifecycle of onset, peak, then down curve.  Every time I try to enter another dose (has to be higher than the previous otherwise null) then I get more confusion after peak.  Example, I had 0.30g then 1.5hrs later (peak of 0.30g) I took 1g.  1g hit me exactly 45min later and was sublime as long as I welcome it by sitting upright symmetrically and focusing on my breath with eyes closed.  This experience seems to be good and like normal until the dose cycles cross each other.  In other words, at 3hrs on the 0.30g dose I am hitting the peak on the 1g dose.  I know confusing but my thoughts are not as clean as just doing 1 dose vs. multiple.  

In this case, the onset was great for 1g I like to watch the fireworks behind closed eyelids and listen to flute or nature sounds.  I felt very peaceful.  Then at 1 hour in on the 1g (2.5hrs on 0.30g) I felt I could not settle down the thoughts and uneasiness of the situation so I went outside and bathed in the sun..that was nice and helped me settle.  I began to think about the book "what dreams may come" and how the husband had to go through depths of realities to find his wife who committed suicide.  It got me thinking about some of the descriptions of those realities being "hellish." Descriptions like - the luminosity in the plant vegetation could not be seen, everything eventually decays or dies, and a heavy weight is always on you.  I got into this weird thought that maybe we are all living in this hell.  I don't like this idea but kept entertaining for the sake of being thorough.  I think most of us would agree this does not feel like Heaven although there are moments that we might define as heavenly (first love, birth of your children, taking psychedelics properly, etc.) we are also surrounded by death and decay.  So maybe we are the fallen, the brother/sister of god, and our penance is to do good so we can move on if not we suffer to repeat.  What is moving on?  Maybe a high state/level of consciousness without death and decay, values are of a higher order - that which is only constrained by your mind/creativity?  I don't know.  I try to stay practical. Don't do multiple doses within the same 4hr window is the lesson here.



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