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Cleansing Fire

This is a fresh report since I just tripped two days ago.

This is a fresh report since I just tripped two days ago. I had some dried homegrown cubensis sitting around that was about 4 months old. I had had varied results from the batch and didn't really expect it to be very potent. My wife and I were sitting around bored and out of the blue I suggested we trip on the remaining shrooms. We began ingesting at 23:30 on empty stomachs. I consumed just over 4 grams of dried shrooms and she had about 3.5 grams. We washed the dried chunks down with Diet Coke. It was all we could do to swallow the stuff without puking.

Right away I knew this was a strong batch when I started getting some inner anxiety in just ten minutes. The results began to steadily increase while we sat on the couch and watched a movie, choking down dried shrooms and Diet Coke the whole time. The initial intoxication began building and my body felt weak. The room temperature was in the low 70s but I developed a bad chill. As the symptoms increased I began shaking slightly and had cramps in my thighs. I held out for the duration of the movie (The Full Monty) but by the time it was over my chills were getting unbearable. I was covered by a thick blanket on the couch but it didn't seem to help. My wife was reporting some initial effects but no chills or cramps. On a whim I took my temperature and found it had dropped to 95.6 farenheit.

Just after the movie ended I started getting really nauseated. I staggered to the bathroom and started puking up little chunks of dried shrooms and Diet Coke. I tried to stay calm since I had gotten sick on shrooms once before and knew it wasn't too serious. Unfortunately, for the next 30-40 minutes I paced around the house and made 4-5 trips to the toilet until I had the dry heaves. My wife seemed to be doing alright but was starting to trip pretty hard. I was trying with all of my intellectual power to stay calm and convince myself that I was alright and not dying from mushroom poising. The mental and physical agony was getting unbearable and finally I threw myself on my bed and just gave in to whatever was going to happen.

That's when everything turned around. As soon as I surrendered and let go I immediately felt better. My fear and discomfort was instantly replaced with ecstasy. I smiled and took mental stock of my situation. Everything seemed beatiful and warm. I either couldn't feel the nausea or it had completely disappeared.

My wife was getting a bit sick and started exhibiting amnesia. She couldn't remember what was going on or what she was supposed to be doing. I tried my best to calm her but she kept wandering back and forth from the bedroom to the living room. She insisted on turning the lights on and moving around. I indulged her in an attempt to calm her. She never really got sick and only became mildly nervous. We stayed awake talking and laughing after that for the rest of the night and finally fell asleep around 4:00. I never experienced much distortion of my senses other than feeling drunk and seeing some movements out of the corner of my eyes. However, my mind became totally open and relaxed in ways I felt were very profound and meaningful. I faced many fears in my life during the experience and felt that I found some very philosophical insights that I could never possibly relate in mere words. The experience was positive in the end and has had a deep impact on my life. I can only describe the height of my trip as an explosion of reason and imagination, almost to point of a waking vision. I can only guess that the negative physical symptoms were caused by some sort of chemical reaction in my stomach. Probably the breakdown process of psilocybin to psilocin. I never experienced any negative symptoms the next day and awoke with energy and in a good mood. My wife did have a residual headache but never did vomit. This doesn't sound like a typical mushroom trip but I would repeat the process again despite the negative side effects in the beginning.

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