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city boys (in the countryside)

Me and my two friends wanted to trip last week.

Me and my two friends wanted to trip last week. So we went camping.
We were decided to look for some shrooms before putting the tents up.

Well we found a shit load of shrooms, there was probally enough for about 5 or 6 people. we boiled up some tea and drank it down.

It hit us fast! I could feel the first effects comming on within about 5 mins after finishing the tea.
we eventually set up our tents. By the time we had fished with the third tent i was feeling my peak hitting me.

The ground where we were looked almost like it was thousands of snakes slithering around, i laughed my ass off, My friends could see it to. We were all sitting in my tent. I think it was at the peak here, i thought the tent walls were melting, and i felt like i was sinking into the ground a few times.

The weather changed and it was getting dark. It started raining. We all suddenly wondered why the hell we were out in the country, we had nothing to do and it was really cold.
The trip started going bad, then all three of us said shall we drive home?

So we did, we pulled down the tents and threw them in the car and drove off. We all felt better. Then i remember that i was tripping on shrooms.

i saw some awsome things on the way home, lots of face's, the road signs look as if they were made paper, really soggy paper.

When we got back to town we had a bolw and were laughing our asses off at everyone we saw. they all looked really funny.

This trip lasted for about another half an hour.

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