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Cigars and icecubes

This was my second shroom trip, my first was a mild semilanceata trip.

This was my second shroom trip, my first was a mild semilanceata trip.

Last night I and 4 firsttimers including my girlfriend splitted 16 grams of cubensis, the two girls had 2 grams each and the other three of us about 3 grams. No one had eaten anything during the day except for some soup and a glass of wine and we splitted a minor joint an hour before ingestion. About 5.30 pm we ingested our doses and I was the first to feel the first effects 30 minutes later. It felt very mild at first but about 7 pm time slowed and we all flew right into it, everyone became extremely social and we laughed and cried together for an hour.

About 8 pm we sat down and watched TV the program called Robinson is about a group of people competing on a pardise island, time moved really slow and we all felt as we were there with them on the island, as the TV pople had a cigar I had one too and it made the connection even stronger and when i closed my eyes i found myself sitting and looking into the sun of a magnificient sunset. My body got numb and i meltet into the sofa as i took deep hits from the cigar
From the time I felt the first effects and until now it felt like I could snap out of the trip but as we all now started to peak there were now chance of control.

One of my friends got out of his trance like dance and grabbed a huge- prerolled joint and lit it up, as i already was lit we smoked with deep hits and the thick smoke was like breathing clear air and tasted very pleasent. As I sat down on the floor i lost all body contact and the candles on the table became the floor of a big hall wich I floated through and felt a strong euphoria that increased as I cane closer to the end of the hall. When I tried to describe what i saw i was unable to talk and my friends just laughed.

A moment later when I was sitting in the sofa and looked at my girls face and thought she looked like an angel with all these beatiful colors dancing in her eyes a friend throw some icecubes on us. I didnt really get this at first but started too look for them under the pillows, I then found one under my t- shirt but could by no means get it out, both me and my girlfriend tried for what seemed like an eternity, it then suddenly morphed out through my shirt and into my hand. It felt so incredibly hot and now it was stuck in my hand, as i put my hands together it bacame a glowing orb of energy and I felt like an magician ready to launch his powerful spell... I didnt know if the icecube was there or not as could´nt see it, I asked people if they saw it but was unable too understand their answers. When the ice had melted i laied down in the sofa and I felt like I was melting into both my girl and the sofa and energy throbbing inside felt almost too intense- like a big spiral of light making crazy movements- and I got a pretty scary feeling that something was wrong. I had no senses of neither taste or smell and my vision and hearing was very distorted, I closed my eyes and weird 3d landscapes came rushing towards me in great speed.

The next thing i remember was that i was telling my girl that the trip was over and that really took her down creating a very grey feeling over the place, we all soon accepted the fact and sat down and discussed the trip for some time before we went home knowing that something very special had just taken place in our minds. Some great sex ended the night and today I woke up with a smile on my lips.

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