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well as me and my buddies where about to indulge into our third or fourth time doing shrooms.

well as me and my buddies where about to indulge into our third or fourth time doing shrooms... i had just got a call form a firedn warning me to keep it safe becasue these shrooms were chronic...so with that in mind i ate 4grams...the first 30 minutes of eating wasnt too bad. Then we blazed up a nice blunt..just as we were finishing i stepped back into my house only to realize that everyting was hazzy...so we sat down on the couch and started to talk the more and more we talked the more intense the raise was...after the coming up had setteled everything was so beautiful that one of us acutually jerked a tear..therewas multiple colour, cartoon animations,motion in lifeless objects...after about an hour of this we moved positions and tried to throw in a movie...after that failing we sat back downstairs where i then fell into a huge trans... i was speechless jsut sititng there relxed enjoying all the colours of the spectrum and laffing histarically at conversations my friends were having. I remember looking at my one friend and his eyes split widely apart and he resembled a cartoon character..everything was the most beatiful thing in the world and nobody wanted it to end, we even discovered the meaning of life!!!!!!!...but wut comes up must go down so as we were falling down we then decided to watch the movie..i thne got fraustrated and unplugged all the elctrnoics fomr that area..big mistake..i was very overwhelmed..that i didnt realize all i had to do was press input...but all in all the trip was more amazing then words can describe...one lesson to be learned is setup all things that need to be done before hand...thkns for reading enjoy them shrooms

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