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Christmas Trippin - The stranger

Christmas eve Me, pazz, chink, khye at mine and pazzs house.

Christmas eve

Me, pazz, chink, khye at mine and pazzs house. Had shrooms twice before and just ordered a batch off redeyefrog.com for a mad xmas eve!! colin is due round ne time now, es at the pub wi fairly, gettin pissed. me n pazz dont really drink, prefer proper illegal drugs!!! not nefin hard just weed x acid n shrooms!!

so colin rings, wer all waitin for his call so we can get on it, the shrooms r waitin in the kitchen 60g of columbian. one of the columbians is nearly the length of my hand and as thick as a ten pence coin, musta weighed bout 20g, colin is having that one!! hes on his way round and hes bringin a mate "hes well sound" colin tells us, we trust col, one of our best mates, e nos the score, wer selective bout who comes in our house! so e arrives n we brew up. colin first, e has the big shroom, khye dont want ne so me chink n pazz av ours and off we go. the guy colin brought was wasted, he turned out to b 16 and had to go home t his grandmas and needed t sobre up, but he still asked for some shrooms, hell no we told him ur already fucked!! so the lad ordered his taxi for 10pm, it was now bout 8.30. but things just didnt seem right. this lad was not like us, he dint seem street wise at all. he askd for a bong, but when i passed it him he dint even no how t use it. he said he could skin up so we passed im green, skins, and fag n off he went. so the first joint went round. then he offered to make another, go on then. the next joint appeared and oh my god, wot the fuck do u call that?? it was fucked and the guy was sat on the floor in hysterics, apparently stoned as fuck!! never seen anything like it! he started blaggin on bout school askin us if we could go back would we behave better i could tell he was geek, he started panicking saying his parents would now he was on drugs. uv only had a joint we say, ere av a bong, n pazz gives im a phat bong t try t knock him out. but he blasts it, doesnt even cough, this aint rite, he says es never ad a bong b4 but toots it like a pro?? then he says he on pills, now hes not. wot is this guy on about. we cant wait til ten oclock man, e needs t go now, es blaggin my ed t fuck. i just sat lookin at him wi a disgusted look on my face, get this loser out of ere! colin has said hel lend im taxi money, but now he decides he aint gonna, "hang on mate, i dont even no u, u blagged me into lettin u come wi me (nice one colin!) n ur just a actin like a cock!" so the guys had us order this taxi t lower darwen, which is bout 30min walk from ours. so we decide wel walk him half way, cuz we aint total arseholes!! but then the guy decides he lives in edgeworth, bolton which is bout 1hour and half walk oh dear, why is he talkin so much shit. i keep askin khye, who is sobre, t explain wot is goin on, r we just trippin? no khye is as blagged as us. the taxi t bolton is nearly 20quid, we aint givin im 20quid, it aint our problem, we just want im out!! e keeps sayin if we give im £6 hel jump the rest, wot the fuck does that mean!! pazz gets really sus, is this guy a crack head on the blag? colin always dresses fair fly, wi is timbi's on and expensive jeans e mite of clocked that and come on the rob!! we want him gone, now! but the fucker refuses t go unless we give him some cash, wot the fuck!! he starts tryin t sell his clothes, his watch, says hel come back tmoz and pay it back my head is spinnin who is he why is he here wot is he tryin t do. we try t blag im into sellin us his shoes (just t b mean really!!) but he wont do that, alarm bells ring again, hel sell his jacket but not his shoes, if he was really gettin a taxi home he wouldnt need his shoes, which wer market shoes neway!! so i flip out, i need u t go away now, ere av a tenner, i just cant cope i need him gone, however much it costs me!! khye jumps up "wot the fuck u doin zoe, il take him shell and get sum change e can av 3quid!!" ok so e takes the guy, we expect khye to knock him out n pazz wants t go and join in but colin stops him.. khye comes back, hed lost the guy thank god!! e dint hit him either, just blagged him and ran off, he didnt no wer we lived thank god and dint come back. i spent weeks tryin t work out wot had happened that nite, it was a genuinly wierd situation and we faced it on shrooms, oh my god!! i was so relieved when hed gone, i werent even trippin that bad just philosophical by this stage. colin was f**ked tho!! so beware the strangers on christmas eve, we dint show any christmas spirit t this guy but we still don tno if he was connin us r wot? wierd!

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