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My First Actual trip


So this is a small summary of my first trip. I took 3.5 grams of golden teacher (my own grow). I was with my best friend. This is a text message I sent to another good buddy explaining my experience. Lmk what you think!! 

Okay first. This text isn’t going to do what I felt Justice. 

Okay so took them about 730 and for like 2-3 hours it was just very mild. Then we smoked a little bit and BOOM it took off. I ended up in a bedroom by myself just lost... I was so mentally confused. I kept coming to this thought of “core value”  I could write a book on the thoughts I had just related to that. Basically everyone has this part of them that won’t ever change. It could get masked over by the influences of your life but deep down this value never changes. It’s your mood, your goals, the things that you were born into. I think nature:nurture have coated over people’s core values. So much so we don’t even realize is there without the help of drugs like lsd. That’s the short of that. 

Second. I 100% don’t believe In god anymore. I think we “humans” are a bacteria but I think we are just so advanced we’ve come to what we are. We are almost like a cancer taking over our world or planet. I also don’t believe the earth can be saved. Like the whole “going green” “global warming” thing. The earth isn’t meant to sustain us forever. But by the time it’s ready to “die” we will have made such advancements that we will be long gone. Living on many plants at the same time as one big “community?”  Originally the world was this hugeeee place but as we advanced we made travel faster which made the world “smaller”. I think this will
Happen with space travel. We will have neighbor planets and eventually different universes:galaxies (idk the right word for it). So just like we can fly to China in a day or two we are going to be able to fly to mars in a week maybe. We are going to expand to that point. 

This leads back to not believing in god. We are bacteria. We are evolution. We just keep advancing and getting better. 

putting my thoughts into words but it’s so hard. I had a beautiful “awaking”. I realized where I was fucking up in life and what to do. I truthfully thought I was losing my mind and was going to be crazy when I woke up buttt I was sooo comfortable with that idea. I knew that It was going to happen to matter what. I wasn’t scared bc I knew it would
Be okay. “Obv I’m not insane now that I’m sober”. I cried. I felt sooo much emotion leaving/ filling my body at once. I wanted my dog. I wanted to talk to my mom. I cried for the love I have for those two and my best friend I was tripping with (also the kid I did acid with). My soul physically feels lighter today. If that even makes sense. It’s just like a weight has been lifted off my person. I’m relaxed and content. My life was laid out in front of me last night and I clearly see the path I need to take. I’ve felt kind of lost recently and now I don’t feel that way. 

I realize how much I just said but I’m still kind fucked by what I experienced. 

You need to smoke when you do it. After like 2/3 hours in. I feel like it really set the trip off. I don’t believe I would have felt what I did without combining the two. The two natural drugs are meant to be mixed together.

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