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First Trip

It was a surprise

I feel the urge to share my first trip with you guys and I'm very curious about your opinions. 

I got some pure psilocybin and wanted to try. I tried it 2 times without actually feeling something. As it was my first time I was a bit scared trying it. Today I decided to go for triple the dosage then before. I was palling to take it alone in the nature. So I took my bike and went to some mountains nearby. It's a very rural area and just some farmers, perfect for not getting disturbed. 
I found a neat place in the middle of some vines. I took the full dosage and waited. It's said to kick in quickly after 10min. I probably waited for 15mins before I decided that is most likely another time with a micro dosage. So I got back on my bike and decided to go for a mountain bike trip. 

Just after I reached the top of the mountain I felt like I was flying and I was like wait a minute. It was a great but still subtle feeling. I then thought there might be an effect after all. 
Interestingly right then I found an awesome place to trip. On top of the mountains surrounded by forrest there was a clearing with some patch of grass. I put my blanket there, laid down, and
then it started. Music was still playing through my headphones btw and I felt those waves of flying/being zero-g. I looked at the trees and the colors were super intense and I saw some amazing patterns in it.
I could focus so deeply and sharply to all of the nature around me. I couldn't help myself but to love everything around me. Everything I did or saw just so perfect and fun. Questions started to arise and
there were some philosophical conversation going on my head. Still it was too much fun to just watch the nature. I was perfectly aware and clear at this point not what I would expect from this trip. 
It was more like being perfectly high on weed with a bit less brain fog. Is this normal? Everything was so confusing and I came to the the conclusion that I just don't have a clue about anything. Two events
I liked so much I cant really describe were the following:

1) There was another cyclist driving by. I could hear him from far away and I took a look at the street. I was hidden a bit and no one would expect someone sitting were I was. I had so much fun just watching this cyclist driving by. 

2) Suddenly I could hear the sound of a bird. Never heard this bird before but it was pretty loud and I could fall in love with the sound it made. 

At some point I felt like it's time to leave. I then grabbed my bike and started to drive back. Of course I had no clue how I could back and refused to take the same way as I got there. It was a good idea.
I can't remember having so much fund riding my bike. At that point the sun was setting and I was just in awe with it. Incredibly beautiful. It was such much fun just driving around with my bike. I felt happy, free and somehow complete. 

Now there are some things I didn't really get. My intention with taking psychedelics was trying to get closer to my vision and to have some insights. Most of the trip felt like being high from weed (besides maybe being sharper and not having this kind of fog or whatever. What's the difference here? Should I try higher dose next time (Actually forget about that. I will definitely try a higher dose next time)?  What should I expect from it. 

I highly appreciate your input.
Thanks for reading!

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