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Micro-dosing 1.5yr check-in

There is a limit for daytime use...

Okay, so it feels like I now use this site for my personal notes.  So here it goes.  Rather than repeating my journey up to this point here are the bullets which have been captured in other posts in great detail: 

  • March 31st 2017 - 1st Experience with Mushrooms did 0.10, 0.20, 0.50 during the day then 5g at night - The William Blake doors of perception were opened.
  • September 27th 2017 - after about 20 small doses I plunged into 7g, then took 2g, then and other 3g within an hour.  - I was trying to push it, and it pushed back.  This was the you are (meaning all of us) divinity dose.  Took me a week to come down.
Now September 8th 2018, I have dosed 2-3x/week, so a ton, and felt compelled to capture a few bullets here based on today's 1.25g day dose.
  • Don't do too much in the day (for me it is more than 1g).
Maria Sabina mentioned that when people took mushrooms in the day they went crazy.  Yes, I can see that too be true, of course it is a temporary crazy but crazy nevertheless so let's unpack this (thanks adventure through the mind for that phrase).  Essentially, the timeline curve holds which is 45min onset, then an hour of bliss (colors are brighter, sounds are magnified, wind on your skin, etc..), then at 2hr 15min almost on the dot I am starting to spin out of control the only way to bring it back is meditation and centering yourself again but it is not pleasant.  In most cases I find it natural to want to just work through it (move around, do things) but that only makes it worse, this is the surrender part and FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH.

I still like the 0.20-0.25g dose it has produced the most consistent results which is enjoy your day!  Even a 1g weekend is still very enjoyable but if you are going over 1g I think best at night in silence your senses are too far open to have the day overwhelm you.  Okay its raining so I'm going to go enjoy that.


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