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Smokable DMT/Herbal blend report ~15mg

no breakthrough, but wow!

This trip occurred months ago now, but the memory is still burned in my brain as being one of the most intense experiences of my life.
This was my first and possibly only DMT experience.

A couple things before the report:

I was pretty new to trying psychedelics but knew about set and setting and the importance of it.
I had only done shrooms 2 times before that with one of those times being not a great experience - meaning that I didn't take much from the trip due to how terrible I felt for most of it.
I was terrified about smoking this to the point my stomach hurt and almost decided not to.

The Report:


The space was dark in my slightly messy apartment bedroom. With some chill wavy electronic playing quietly in the background and an incense burning on the shelf I packed my pipe with the mothball scented herbal blend. I sat and looked around at my surroundings trying to take everything in and reassure myself that I would return to this version of reality. The thoughts begun to race as worries about my music choices and the cleanliness of my room grew. Doubts that I would survive were starting to form, but I decided to grab the lighter anyways. I held the pipe up to my lips and torched as much as the bowl as a could. I pulled very slowly with my thumb over the carb. Already I can feel my hands slipping off the pipe from the sweat forming on my fingertips and palms. After the whole bowl burned through I let go of the last bridge to my current state of reality that was the carb. I held the hot, putrid smoke in my lungs as long as I could and exhaled slowly.

This is where the ride started.

II: The Comeup. (5-10 seconds after inhaling from pipe)

It was at this point that I decided it was best if I laid down and closed my eyes. Almost instantly every bone, every pore, every hair began to tingle on my body. I started to feel my heart race and my breath speed up. I shot forward seemingly out of my body at what felt like lightspeed. I felt like I was passing out and that I wanted to throw up. I recognized these feelings and suddenly told myself to just surrender.

This was death so just let go.

III: The DMT space (tunnel/plane whatever you wanna call it) (~30 seconds in) (This part felt like it went on for about 30-45 minutes tbh)

All negative feelings left like weight off of what felt like the center of my entire being. I was plunged into this state of no longer hearing my breath and the music fading further and further away. Suddenly, my body was blasted upwards in a definitely different direction than the previous feeling. Everything got brighter and brighter. I felt all the numbness and tingles being pulled into a tight ball to my 3rd eye area. I literally felt as if my soul was being vacuum sucked out of my pineal. This is when the tunnel starts. I'm flying upwards through a rotating tunnel of what didn't seem like as much colorful as it was just white and bright light. I thought I could see windmills appearing in lush fields. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming. I wasn't sure at this point if I was alive or dead. None of that mattered. I knew I was still completely conscious in thought so that meant everything was fine. I began to hear this grinding/buzzing noise as someone was running a guitar pick very slowly down a low tuned acoustic metal string. It felt like this noise, this vibration was in me. I was the vibration. It grew louder and louder. I felt like I was on the edge of an abyss being dangled over the edge. I could feel air brushing all around me. I could hear crickets and forest ambience clear as day. I felt like my mind was in another place entirely, but physically I knew I was still on my bed. I didn't go past this part of the tunnel.

IIII: Comedown

The comedown was almost the same as the come up just in reverse. All my energy and awareness was sucked back into my forehead and dispersed through my body. I instantly opened my eyes at the 6 minute mark in the trip. The visuals were very sublime and everything had this deep green glow to it which I thought was strange since my room was dark. Visuals hung around for about 15 minutes then faded away. I don't feel like I broke completely through and I feel like I should have held in the smoke longer, but I got scared and exhaled pretty quickly. I've heard 2 hits is better than 1 big hit, but I don't know if I could be collected enough to take a 2nd hit since the effects kick in almost instantaneously.

While nothing overly terrifying happened, the effects were still so intense I would be cautious doing this again. A part of me wants to do it again now that I've had time to reflect on the trip and how to align my thoughts better for the next time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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