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Chili Peppers Kaleidoscope

this is my third time shrooming.

this is my third time shrooming. the first two times i tripped at a hippy festival...good trip. anyway. third time's a charm, right? right!

we started out by buying some chocolates. we got home and ate them immediately. after we ate them we drank some orange juice to get some Vitamin C in us. Thank god we did that.

About 20 minutes after we ate them i knew we were going to trip hard. C was doubtful about them seeing as how it was his first trip but I assured him that we'd trip.

An hour passed and seemingly nothing. Then C says "man we got ripped off." just then the world shot up with color. i saw blue and red orbs EVERYWHERE. the lamp shades were green at the bottom, blue in the middle, and then the blue transitioned to purple. TRIPPY!

we decided to watch some music videos...really really good idea. we smoked a blunt to help kick in the effects...good idea again. As soon as we took a hit i looked at the floor. There were roses growing out of it! Then the kitchen tiles i was standing on departed from all the others and hovered me up to the ceiling. I laughed as i looked down on everyone on my tile hoverpad.

i went back downstairs to watch music videos. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge was playing. Anyone who's seen this video knows it's trippy. anyway...the outline of the video was spinning and then it turned into a kaleidoscope. "wow", i thought, "i'm trippin my balls off". i looked in the corner and there was a shadow of the playboy bunny bouncing up and down. i laughed again and focused my attention on the videos. every video was GREAT!! we watched Stacey's Mom has got it goin' on and as her mom got out of the pool my Zepplin poster jumped out of the water and it splashed all over me. the water was very very sparkly blue...like it had diamonds in it or something.

i cant explain everything i saw so i'll just leave it at that. but i will say that all the visuals i had were very very happy and very funny. it was a great trip.

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