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a trip in the park.

My girlfriend and I had been wanting to try shrooms for a while.

My girlfriend and I had been wanting to try shrooms for a while. Okay, well I lied. It was more of a spontaneous type deal. We ended up getting an 8th from a friend of a friend. I took half, she took half. The usual dosage for most people I assume, but I only weigh a good 115 pounds, and am about 5'10 or 11 in height, so I'm not sure if that's a regular dosage for me. Hehe.

Anyways, enough about that. We ended up taking them at the park with 3 sober friends there, which was cool even though we had originally planned to be by ourselves when we did 'em. We strolled around the park just checking everything out (it had cool stuff there, a birdhouse, a greenhouse, and shit like that).

20 minutes passed and we decided to just sit down. I started feeling stoned at about that time, but nothing too serious. It felt nice, but not what I was expecting. We just chilled at that spot for 15 more minutes or so, and decided to move to a shadier area (damn it's so hot in so cali right now, and probably everywhere else in the world for that matter).

The stoned feeling got stronger, but I still wasn't hallucinating or anything. My girlfriend started seeing things in the sky. She claimed the clouds were putting on a show for her. I didn't know whether to believe her or not because I myself wasn't trippin' yet. Then I close my eyes, and see the craziest color patterns. The only word I could use to describe them was "amazing." Right after that I really felt the trip. The stoned feeling intensified a lot. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing, and neither could my girlfriend. It was just an awesome feeling. The people we were with were filled with envy because they had just tried to trip a couple days before us but failed (3 people sharing half an 8th gets you nowhere). I looked at the sky a bit after that. It was a great sight. It was a very clear day, some clouds here and there. As I stared at the sky, the colors really came to life. It was an amazing sight. It looked as if the sky was painted on, as if it was the ceiling of some dome, painted with some water color. The clouds then began to twirl and take the shape of a skeleton (the Social Distortion skeleton to be specific, if you know of them). Soon there were many of those skeletons dancing in circles in the sky. It was just... awesome.

Everything was just so full of color, like I was inside a painting. The world was just so beautiful at the time. I had a feeling of love towards everything. Pretty crazy how a drug condemned by society can do that to ya, huh?

The only downer of it was the fact that I found it very difficult to spit out a complete sentence. Very incoherent. I don't know whether that's normal or not, but my girlfriend and I were both experiencing that... so I'm assuming it's kinda normal?

Also I found it very hard to walk during the peak of my trip, as my legs were very wobbly, and I didn't really know where I wanted to walk. When I stood up I seemed to be in a zombie-like state, just walking aimlessly looking for brains or something. But it was still a great feeling.

I can't wait until my next experience. Maybe next time I'll do it at night so I can have more color visuals. Maybe check out the Psychedelic Screensaver I downloaded... that'd be a real trip, because I already see patterns like that when my eyes are closed while tripping, so I would imagine it would look awesome and trip me out like shit.

I left a lot of the trip out, only putting in the most amazing parts of the trip in there. What I experienced was probably considered a mild trip, but wow, was it amazing. Something everyone MUST experience. Given you have no psychological problems, that is.

Also may I suggest you try tripping outside at least once. Somewhere where there are trees and grass. Somewhere where you have a clear view of the sky. And somewhere where no one will bother you and fuck your trip up. It's guaranteed to be an awesome trip, if no one bothers you and you're with the right person(s) unless you'd prefer to be alone.

Anyways, I hope my report didn't bore you guys too much. It truly was an amazing experience, but it might not seem so amazing in words. Happy trippin'.

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