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Threshhold Dose into hyperspace


I recently produced a small batch of the jungle spice. Eager to try it without a VG i layer it into an ash bed on the bottom sprinkle some into the middle and a lightley smoked layer of ash bud ontop. I slowly put my jet lighter grazing the top to allow a small cherrie of bud to vaporize the dmt sandwiched in the middle. I take a long slow pull and watch the smoke creep up my bong. i pull as much as i could into the chamber and take a deep breath out and proceed to take a deep long breath in and feel the harsh smoke fill my lungs. It was rougher then i had expected but i did not allow myself to cough i hold in as long as i could and then. I exhale slowly and put the bong on my side table and i lay down into my bed. My whole bodys frequency start to vibrate is the only way i can describe it. The feeling starts to take hold a very powerful experience takes place and i start to panic. NO NO NO i feel myself start to resist but it was to late. My eyes were peeled wide open and my whole surronding start to change i can no longer recognize my room i see a portal open up infront of my eyes and i no longer feel my body. You would not have anything to relate it too. It was like dying i felt my soul pull off my body as i panic and resisting. Judgement day was here and i was honestly scared. I try to feel myself breathing but i cannot. I reasure myself to stay calm everything is ok you are a good person you do not have to worry. I tell myself to take a deep breath in and as i do so i slowly fade back into my body. Soon as i felt my body a huge smile engulfed my face and i stand up and rush out to my girlfriend. She said it looked like a i just had my first rollercoaster ride my eyes were peeled wide open with the biggest smile on my face happy to be alive. All i could say was holy fuck omg holy fuck repeatedly. I did not know how to describe the experience i had. It was only the beggining the threshold dose of what power it has inside it. An atom bomb of reality shattered 1000x over.

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