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Chabha Chabha Chabha


Wow. I had the best auditory visual trip it was like I

transported my self to some Mexican village and I found this voice saying your name is Chabha. Then the scene faded in. I entered the room and on one wall I saw the name Chabha and pictograms around it. Like little people holding mushrooms figures on the wall in MEXI art style. the detail was very highly detailed down to the mud stucco walls. Then I proceeded to float out side now I did have very beautiful tanned people around me and they saw me. As I proceeded out side it was very vivid sunset and lots of auditory birds and

wild sounds and very plush green tropical follage I also sensed a warmth of Humidity. So I drifted with this person I didn't get any names from the people they were more interested in my appearance in their presence. The person a elderly beautiful woman small in height led to the crowed of people as the chanted Chabha Chabha Chabha. Now I know this was my name and as I will with a logical mind I do not know the meaning of this weather I found them and they or something to that nature. They were very happy to see me it was like I was family. A long lost friend it was such a feeling of XTC. I could write a whole book on the 30 or 45 min or so this part of the tip maybe I will. No I didn't go into this trip expecting to find something it was to see if they were potent enough and what the dose level is . I was surprised to find what was placed before me. This was the first time of such clear lucid visuals and auditory. If there was sense of smell I would have really freaked then.

Boy the wonders of the mind.

Now my level trip may not reflect the does of others but 2 grams was a 3 or 4 and I find it depends on the persons imagination to start with. I just happen to have a gifted visual imagination sober.

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