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The Night I Died

The Spirits Descent

I would like to thank all who have shared thier knowledge of the Sacred mushroom. As my gesture of gratitude, I will share my first time experience and may it give you insight as it did for me.

Like every noob to cultivation I scoured the forums reading every Tek and trying my best to emulate the procedures. Well iy BIGGEST mistake or maybe the best lesson was I bought spores from a non site supporter that had ABSOLUTE ZERO GROWTH! The loss of money didnt piss me off as much as the loss of 2 months waiting for ANYTHING to grow on those BRF cakes. Tried WBS and even pastywhites Agar...The spores were bunk.

So I decided instead of buying again and salvaging my opertaion I would go hunt wild Cubensis. Well 3 excursions and NOTHING FOUND...I prayed to the Sacred Mushroom if its in my Destiny then show me where you are. I suddenly felt a compelling feeling to go back to a field I had been in before and look again. This time on the north side of a horse shit mound I found a BEAUTIFUL FLUSH of 12-16 gorgeous caps. I thanked the Mushroom Spirit for guiding me and immediately made spore prints of these Purple Mystic / Golden Teacher looking Cubensis. (My grow is in full swing now)

I told you that so you might understand this...After drying the caps I had over 2 ounces of "Medicine" so as a first time tripper I decided I would only do 36 grams and make Tea with the stems . I know 5 dried grams is called heroic but I was MOTIVATED to talk to the shroom and see if it could answer my burning question...."WHO CREATED GOD?" I made my mushroom tea with smaller caps stems and ginseng tea with agave nectar sweetner....I used a coffee filter to strain into a quart size mason jar. I ate the caps and washed it down with the tea and low and behold....Dorothy your not in Kansas anymore.



As I was feeling the fractal patterns in kaleidoscope fashion happening within me and all around me ..I asked the Spirit of the Mushroom show me the Creator of God. 
LOL Hold on to your heart for this one. 
First I saw Baphomet the god head in the inverted pentagram dancing around me. I thought "ahhh hes cute I'll keep him for a pet" I guess he didnt get the reaction he wanted so then he got "back up" and brought HellBoy with him and I was like "ahhh cool he is the bullgod" 
So I started to laugh cause these were like movie or media images and I was thinking no freakin way....so again I willed within myself to see the CREATOR OF GOD....the evil gate keepers submitted and let me pass and I then saw Shiva. 
 Now this Shiva didnt look like the online images of Shiva. This Blue Shiva looked like Medusa with snakes...VIPERS for hands and hair and had legs....She was doing a dance like in a moshpit going in circles and I busted out laughing thinking God is a Giant Smurf. 
My "insolence" didnt go over so well and I was placed infront of a GIANT SPIDER...but this spider had 1000's of eyes like a peacock and 1000's of legs and was weaving the fates of all creation in its web. I asked it if consciousness was its food and it said no...we "humans" are seeds for other worlds and our incarnation into matter is to strengthen us.
 Staying true to my intent I asked to see the CREATOR OF GOD and I was brought to a Beautiful still lake and there was a still being meditating. I realized it was "Buddha" and I thought I should ask him why life is so painful. He showed me that disire is the cause of all suffering and also explained the "Fall of Man" from the garden of eden as like this.
The tree of knowledge was pure DMT. Man before knew of no options other then truth. After eating the "fruit" man new he was"naked" in that he saw both Truth and Lies. His being "cast out" was a blessing. The challenge was will he seek truth or illusion.  Then Buddha showed me the universe in all its intricacies and said "ALL IS GOD" Good and Evil are perspectives within. I thanked him for his insight and continued with my goal...WHO CREATED GOD?
 This is where the proverbial shit hits the fan and if ya dont want to know I understand.

 Then after leaving the Peaceful Buddha I was on a Alien starship. These beings look like insects and are indiffrent to your feelings or emotions. Man in his own arrogance has created a God in HIS IMAGE...THIS IS NOT THE UNDERLYING TRUTH. I was shown that we are literally on an Alien ant farm and they have MILLIONS. 
When you see the matrix and the spiders watching over thier "crops" it is almost spot on.
Those inorganic beings dont want us suffer or spoil us ...they create just enough challenges in our lives to give us resistance without overwhelming us beyond our capacity. 
 Can you fucking believe it? The bugs all around us look more like the Creator of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE THEN WE DO?

Well that was the answer I did not expect but who am I to argue with the Divine Truth. We are not alone and in the "Big Picture" we are the Aliens to this earth. The God you seek is within you and if you dare journey beyond space and time to the real world say  "Hi" for me to the Paradox Mantis.

I should add if you try this here are a few key tips that will aid you along.

Let go...clear your mind hold no attachments to your own understanding of whats real or not.
 A full glass cannot be filled so dont try to rationalize. No Resistance..just observeve and have fun.

I may have offended the alien overlords laughing at them...seems I dont speak bug and thier mantles moving with nothing but clicks coming out sounded hilarious to me...hence Im still alive. I'm getting the impression were supposed to humble ourselves but hard to do talking to a giant ant or grasshopper. Really looked more like the alien in the movie Enders Game...but nonetheless they let us play our games and dont interfere.

Dont indulge...when you see anything scary or frightening...send it LOVE...dont try to change it or dwell on it. Love it and let it go....it does WONDERS for freeing your Power.

Bonus tip to enter the inner dimensions quickly stop your minds chatter just focus your intent and breath. Center your breathing in your base of your spine. It will keep you grounded.

When you encounter these unfathomable awesome deities do not panic or fall to your knees. The universe is WITHIN YOU and they are just aspects of it. Remember this if you get caught on a bummer trip...."When you learn to Love hell...you will be in Heaven" thats a qoute from the Lazymans Guide to Enlightenment. Highly recommended listening to it online before ever going this deep through the rabbit hole and coming back. 

Hope this lifts your spirit and frees your mind from religious dogma. Those bug architects created the matrix but we control it...so ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and is just a small realization away.

I know its gonna take some time for me to make sense of this spiritual awakening but looking into peoples DMT trips on YouTube lead me to other people's experiences with the insectoids like aliens. 
What blew my mind was the sans people (80,000 year old race) that claim the praying mantis created humans.  I saw that and then in this video they say they talk in clicks I laughed at that..anyway I dont believe the fear mongering about wanting to destroy us or enslave us. We are like flowers in thier garden. Oh and another synchronicity with the video is thier starship. It seems it does not travel in space in linear fashion from point A to B but folds space around itself and goes deeper within....in other words it travels thru dimensions. Here's the video that sent chills down my spine....again from impression and feelings they are neither beneficial or hostile. If you had catapiller in a jar as a kid you would nurture it untill it transformed into a butterfly. All you could do is give it the conditions it needs to create its cacoon and evolve. Likewise we have all we need to free our own souls. There is no alien boogyman. The archtects have the "live and let live approach" and the universe is big enough for all creation.

Make no mistake there are "evil" spirits and easy way to overcome them is simple...WANT NOTHING FROM THEM.
IT REALLY IS THAT EASY. If they cant get "ahold" of you they cant influence you...stay HAPPY send them love and realize they are part of the Yin Yang...so stay BALANCED.

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