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Cemetery trip

So a couple of days ago was my first day of college.

So a couple of days ago was my first day of college. It was a good day because I signed up for the greatest classes. While driving home, I get a call from a couple of friends of mine, let's call them J and A. A is a pot dealer. They told me that I could trip for free if I could drive them to a town 45 minutes away, where they were going to buy an ounce of shrooms. I obviously said yes. They told me we were gonna trip with quite a lot of people, 2 girls and maybe 5 guys other than me. This was the first time I was tripping with so many people. However, everyone in the group, including me, had extensive experience with shrooms except with A, for whom this was the first trip, and L, who we picked up later, for whom this was the third trip ever.

Anyway, we drove to the town, came back, picked up a couple of friends, and went to J's house. The people there, (let's name them) were me (S), A (pot dealer), J, V, and S (triplets), T (a gret friend of ours), L (one of my best friends). We ate the shrooms in the triplets' house. I took a whole eighth. After taking the shrooms, people wanted cigarettes... And so did I. They told me the closest store was a 24-hour gas station, which was pretty close. However, we had to go through thick woods and a cemetery to get there. V and S (the two girls) told us to go ahead and we did. But the shrooms kicked in sooner than expected. We were in the woods when L and I were already acting foolish. The only light was from people's cell phones, and we were already having visuals. Then we reached the cemetery. Although I was afraid it was gonna be bad there, it was actually very nice. By this time people were falling, cracking up for no reason, etc... T was the only one not tripping yet, but he would soon start tripping as well. At the cemetery we waited for the girls, who were walking through the woods listening to Led Zeppelin, and we kinda scared the shit out of them, to the great amusement of everyone (BTW, this group is very tight-knit. Everyone has complete trust on each other). We got to the 24-hour store and we bought the cigarettes. I was actually laughing my ass off for no reason whatsoever while buying the butts. The guy who was selling it was just looking at me suspiciously. When that was done, we went back. We walked through the woods again, much more fucked up than before. Because I was already tripping, I had the feeling I was in a scary movie... You know, a camera following a person running in the woods. That's the impression I had, that I was the camera. The visuals were already pretty extreme. When I looked up at the sky, the stars were dripping down. I could barely stand up. We then got to the cemetery, which we walked through quickly. We gotto a park near the triplets' house... And we all just collapsed. I felt like I was being eated by a thousand bugs. I also thought I was bleeding and cumming at the same time. I was horny as hell. Then, these two random ass girls walked up to us and told us to hang out with them. Except, at the same exact time, the others were starting to smoke some pot, so L and I basically told to the girls to fuck themselves and went to smoke pot, except we both collapsed from laughter and inability to walk before getting there. Lying down, A was right next to me. This was his first trip, and he was telling me he had never lost so much control over his mind. He told me this was everything he expected and much more. I was happy he was having a good trip. Meanwhile, J called his girlfriend cause he really wanted some sex.

The next part of the trip was spent in my car. Although we didn't drive, we just sat in the car and tripped balls. We talked and talked... Everyone was saying something totally different. I can't even remember half the things I said. All I know is that I wanted sex, a hot cup of coffee, a good book, and a cigarette.

A few more hours later, after seeing my dashboard and car turn into weird-ass visual hallucinations, we went into the triplets' house and we smoked some pot, although it didn't get anyone high. Then I drove home and tripped for another couple of hours in my room, with colors changing, walls moving, and me having a "fuck everything" kind of mentality.

- Cons of Trip: I sometimes thought I was having a bad trip.
- Pros of Trip: I had near-death experiences, time did not mean anything, although I kept checking it, and all the girls around me looked like my girlfriend for some reason.

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