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difficult to categorize (level) this experience.

I wuz stonez

Well Im posting this in level one only because I only took a 1.5 gram dose (cubes) which is small for me, but to me this could very well be a level 5 experience.

making a long story short.....I was out in my neighbourhood, stargazing/tripping...very rural, forested area, no street lights, no traffic at about 2:00am....hot summer night with a full moon....one of those nights where the moon was so bright you could see everything so clearly as if it were daytime if you were in the moonlight but still pitch black if you were in the shadows......... I was walking around tripping out and unbeknownst of me I had slowly creeped up on a deer that was grazing in a small field on the side of the road.......I didn't see it till I was about 30 feet away from it.....it was bathed with some moonlight but was not too sure if it was really a deer or just a bush with a similar silhouette. So I stopped walking and cheeked it out.....It was a deer. I guess because things were so silent and the fact that I wasn't in the direct moonlight that it didn't see me till I had creeped up on it but I could tell it knew something (me) was there but it couldn't see me that well. we stared at each other for about 5 minutes.....I felt as if there was some kind of connection with this deer, so in my 1.5 grams of lemon tek goodness I decided, while I am connecting with this deer that I would try and communicate with it.....lol....I WUZ STONEZ....WTF.....lol. So I decided to in a very non aggressive way to motion and invite it to come closer by waving my hand and arm in a "come hither" motion.....I know, sounds dumb but  "I WUZ STONEZ".....Well just as I did this the deer started walking straight towards me.......without delay, just like if you motioned to some person....hey come here and they responded by walking towards you. This after staring at each other for 5 minutes motionless.....well holy f**k ... it walked right up to about 5-8 feet away from me stopped and stared at me.....at this point the deer wasn't in the moonlight anymore it was in the shadows where I was. We were face to face although I could not see it's eyes, just the silhouette of his head and ears.  it walked right up to me and stopped just out of arm's length. and we looked at each other some more and all I could do was think OMG, is this really happening?.......I felt like I was back in high school, spent months trying to get a girls attention and then when I finally got my chance to talk to her.....I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say.......lol......I mean how often do you get to communicate with a deer......what the heck do you say? After a couple minutes of this close contact with this deer it got bored with my lack of anything to say.....and went back to grazing. I was so astonished at the prospect that I had in some way connected/communicate with this deer that my mind just went blank..........It reminded me of a story Terence Mckenna would tell about how he would walk into the Amazon rainforest alone and summon the butterflies, and they would swarm him by the millions. but when he tried to give a demonstration to someone else, he could never make it happen, so I'm not offering a demonstration of how I can do this.......lol.....people would think I'm nuts anyway........it was like I for a couple minutes I was experiencing nature in such a Taoistic way that even a deer was not afraid of me and was even willing to walk right up to me and try and communicate with me..........I'm a person who's regular dose ranges between 5-7.5 grams so to have something like this happen on 1.5 grams is an eye opener. It happened at about the two hour part of the trip so I don't attribute it to the lemon tek, just the cubes.......I don't think that going back and trying to recreate this would ever be possible so I'm not going to try....it is an excellent example of how one needs to live in the immediate moment of experience.....that's when it "the magic" happens. I wish I actually had the communication skills to convey just how powerful of an experience it was.

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