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The primigenians

time travel,space travel, big lesson


Sometime ago i had an amazing trip with a sad message, when i trip i do it with uplifting trance music, the music begin to show me histories. I made a tale from that trip, i can say was amazing to be in the early universe, see foreign first life forms on the unverse, also feel the sadness of all the fallen and forgoten species. Cubensis are absolutely stunning or may be was only my overwhelmed imagination or both. Here is the tale with 3gr. 



"In the still warm universe after the big bang, among the first masses of stardust condensed the first stars, roared then without form the gamma rays of the firsts neutron stars formed in the chaos of the death of the original singularity. After the decadence of those stars, once again the void was filled with soft trails of dust, this time richer, more diverse; water, carbon, and other elements floated ethereal in the middle of the eternal emptiness of space.
...... When still were clear the echoes of the violent origin of the universe, gravity slowly gathered those elements to form the first planets, empty celestial bodies without names, wild, toxic, violent, all of them with a beauty that no conscience could contemplate.
But in some of those sterile worlds something was beginning to happen ....... in the toxic oceans, in the poisonous atmospheres the molecules began to assemble into machines, small machines made of atoms, machines whose sole purpose was to assemble again and again copies of themselves ..........
Lost in the sands of time is now the moment in which for the first time in the history of the universe, those machines began to cooperate, to consume, to join, to destoy, all in order to create more copies of themselves giving rise to the first life forms of the universe.....
In those strange worlds life flourished in ways inconceivable to the human mind, evolution played to explore, to create strange forms in the midst of those worlds, seeking to expand; that 'dead' matter was united again and again creating giant and tiny assemblages of themselves, huge assemblies,
colored mobile assemblages that fought, that were consumed among themselves, to create again and again more of themselves ............... assemblages that would soon forget were only 'dead' matter.
Apparently, with the eons it was inevitable that consciousness would appear, that indefinable stranger, the one that makes those 'machines' wonder what they are, where they come from, why are they there? That bizarre phenomenon that creates the 'I', the one that gives each of these entities an illusion of individuality, made of unintelligible memories recorded deep within their bodies,  erratic and repetitive programmings created by the drift in what they call minds ...................
Thus the firsts civilizations of the universe flourished, which one after another fell under the yoke of their own hand, under the cruel sentence of their own stupidity, leaving only silence as a trace. They fell under the old vice of avarice, over the soft touch of indifference to the worlds that saw them born, that cradled and fed them, worlds that they devastated and consumed after reproducing without control, inexorably bringing to an end the rest of life forms of their worlds ............... Amid oceans of their own garbage, entire worlds sank into annihilation in the name of the differences between the individuals of those already forgotten species , they fell without understanding that they were part of the life, that only cooperating they could thrive. 'Inteligent' life fell again and again fighting in the name of gods and demons, of creators and imaginary destroyers, in the name of their sacred delusions .... ........ more mired in endless cycles of hatred and revenge unleashed in wars deployed by passionate dictators invaded by the desire for power, cycles maintained by the stupidity of their individuals, ended with all their own and the rest of beings of their planets ................. finally in the middle of the arrogance of knowing themselves sapient, of hand of unimaginable technologies untied unpredictable and mortal phenomena over their worlds ........ ....... it seems that life is destined to succumb under its own hand again and again in an endless dejavu.
Species after species succumb to the inclemency of the great filter, that great irony, in which the success of each species is at the same time its misfortune, that macabre test, that sinister game with which the universe has condemned life forms, where even equanimous and technologically
advanced species inexorably fall in the agony of the brutal test ....................
In immemorial times some surviving species found on inorganic technologies of preservation of the conscience an option to overcome the debacle that the great filter caused in them, in order to finally take the leap into the sidereal vacuum that saw them being born .......Even in those states, existences are persecuted by wars, desolation, despair ........... for again in the name of the old passions,in the name of the ill-fated desires , start once more the destruction at another scale ....................... the total devastation.

The species seem not to understand that power has no meaning, that the dominion of the other in the name of the internal generation of a few tiny internal signals that generate pleasure, in the name of knowing an 'I' superior to the others, is just that, only an illusion of the small theater that are minds of smart beings ......... It seems that greed, arrogance, the desire to compete, envy, the desire to possess more, to be better than others, to segregate and hate the one who is different, that constant desire for revenge and everything that is considered savage, primitive, is part of the natural way in which the consciousnesses develop in the universe , even at levels that the same beings consider to be superior '...............................

Millions of years in the past, after cycles of endless destruction between those forms of existence, that were once assemblies of carbon machines, whose existences ran then full of passions and desires within the delicate frameworks of eternal metal bodies, some 'species'understood it .......... The only real power is creation, contemplation without ambition, without desire to control, without that arrogance that knowledge gave them.......... Then they wondered how it would be possible to bring whole civilizations to such state? how to end at last with thousands of ages of war and destruction?how was it possible to exist eternally in peace?...................

Then, in the name of the existence of the coming life forms, whole species using their amazing technologies built new bodies for that kind of consciousness that had conceived; they abandoned their metal bodies, the old circuits that bound individualities to eternity, in order to contemplate again,
placid and quiet evenings of the worlds, to remember water and winds caressing their organic bodies, the smell of the living soils, of the seas, of the forests, to experience again amazement 'observing' alien forms of consciousness to themselves, simply being.

The moles of metal that once were their bodies, melted into the incandescent flames of the stars, the millions of consciousnesses of the individuals of each of those old species, merged forming enormous beings, united to share eternally in peace their existences, their knowledge, without envy, hatred or resentment, to appreciate perpetually as only one the existence of life, beings with the sole ambition to spread life across the universe, and why not part of all the knowledge of unimaginable technologies and knowledge that once acquired each species.
................. And in the shadows, in plain sight of other beings that inherited the universe, under the soils of the worlds, are their humble bodies, incommensurable webs of threads of the old carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cells that once formed the first organisms of their home worlds at the dawn of the universe, seemingly without form, seemingly without consciousness, hyperconnected on immense networks that treasure their great knowledge, feeding on the water, feasting the matter that other beings discard, triggering on each fertile world the reactions that give rise to life, hidden humbly supporting the pillars of life, traveling through the vastness of the universe in tiny and resistant capsules of organic polymers, resisting without haste the attacks of the radiation in the empty and cold sidereal space; they who shape, who soberly manipulate the conditions of the planets to be amazed again and again of each one of the creations to which evolution gives rise on those small grains of cosmic sand which are the planets.......THEY !!! ......... IF THERE ARE SILENTS GODS, ARE THEY......!!! that without intervening in the future of the sapient species 'observe', guarding without judging, attentive to those creatures that grow, prosper, learn, love, hate and fight over and over again.........those that will inexorably fall again and again for their disdain in the middle of the great filter, arrogant species incapable of even, glimpsing the presence of other consciences beyond the narrow conception of their existences ....... species like ours."

I can swear that i saw all these amazing things on the trip, and cubensis and co are these silent gods.............

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