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750ug LSD trip

LSD blackout

When I was 15 I had tripped 3 times on weak acid and thought tabs were just weak or that I had a high tolerance to acid. I got 6 tabs of 125ug acid (750ug in total) and decided to take them all at once. I took them and within 20mins I was already feeling the effects. 30 mins in and I was getting color morphing and really bad come up anxiety. I tried to stay calm for a while and I did for about 30 more minuets. After the first hour I was seeing 3D shapes and designs flying in front of me (not even close to one of my peak acid trips) I layed down in my bed and instantly my ego dissolved. I texted a friend “I think I did acid” and probably confused him a bit. By this time the mind state I was in seemed familiar. It seemed like I had been there before, not just once, but twice. I felt like I was the only thing in the universe. 
1.5hours after dosing I left my room to change the setting because I was getting scared and stuck in thought loops. I looked out my window and saw all the pine trees needles changing color and morphing into each other. I thought looking outside would calm me down so I stared at the clouds for a while and watched them morph Into eachother. I decided to cook eggs on the stove but they were taking a really long time. My dad was in the other room and for some reason I felt compelled to tell him I was tripping. (At the time I had talked to my dad about previous LSD experiences and he seemed fine with it). My eggs still weren’t cooked and for some reason I started to say “i’m so high” over and over again and “I have no idea what is going on”. 
My dad eventually noticed and looked at the stove and saw that it wasn’t on and saw me curled up on the floor. He turned the stove on for me and asked me what I was on. I told him I only took 2 tabs but they were really strong and I didn’t know. When the eggs started crackling he looked at me and said “this is your brain on drugs” and started laughing. Obviously joking. This is when I started to blackout. The only thought I remember was me in a thought loop thinking that everyone takes a drug and they are permenabtly changed based on that decision. I also had no idea what lsd was and it seemed so foreign to me. 
(Keep in mind the time in between these events was completely lost in my memory and i’m still not sure if they are in the correct order)
2 hours later I was still stuck in the same thought loop but this time my mom was there too asking me what I was on. My parents faces didn’t seem real at all and I was convinced that they were simulated.
1 more hour passed and my dad had to keep walking me back to my room and putting headphones on me because I kept leaving for some reason.
30-40 mins went by and my parents told me to get my bathing suit on because we were going into the hot tub because it would help relax me. I kept forgetting what I was doing and it took me half an hour to get my bathing suit on. Eventually in the hot tub I had this crazy thought that I had never actually left my room and I was just laying down with my eyes closed and that I had completely imagined the whole thing. I was like “wow this acid is so good i’m in a hot tub in my mind”. I also told my parents that I liked the lights in the hot tub but I later found out that the lights weren’t even on. I also had another crazy thought that I was actually just really high and my parents caught me smoking weed when they were in the hot tub.
When I got out I started to sober up and realized what had happened and that I didn’t imagine everything. My dad showed me a couple Trippy videos and I sat with them for hours apologizing and telling them i’m okay. They weren’t mad only happy that I was okay.
I watched a few movies with them and eventually went to my room and fell asleep only 9 hours after dosing because my brain was so tired.
(Side note) I am wondering if anyone else has had any psychedelic blackouts where they move and do things. I just turned 21 and I am planning on taking a large dose of mushrooms but I am concerned about blacking out. Is there any way to prevent this? Thanks!

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