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Cats, Tigers, And.....

My evening began transporting speakers from my home to the venue of the party .

My evening began transporting speakers from my home to the venue of the party . A party to which I had not been invited to , I was fine about this as it was an adults party 40-45's and even so I had other plans ,which now I am very glad I did not carry out.. After dropping of the second load of speakers I saw a few friends of mine sculking around , one was a school friend and the other two were small time local drug dealers and long time friends. They explaind to me that the party involved Magic Schromms I had never done them before as they were very rare, but I was interested and knew all about them and the stories which came about the day after.

I found out that it was a free party as long as you bring something to get people HIGH I brought some top quality Weed and a 1;5 m Indian peace pipe which luckily I had in my car ....... The party kicked off music , food, cocktails and weed parafinalia Then the host of the party started to make His famous TEA (Schroom Tea) It was hard to tell how many he used but there was a huge stack of dried and fresh Mushies. He used two brewing pots and everybody had at least 2 cups. The taste was improved with a spoonful! l of honey mmmmmmmmmm Nice.. The hash was well underway and starting to fade as I chatted to my friends and sipped a beer. After 30min's of talk and partying the first signs that it was working hit me.

My friend Chris No.1 (there were 2 Chris'es) Wore a blue and white checked shirt which was really doing my head in. I just could not keep my eyes of it ..it was something very special just the movements exitd every sence .The sounds around the party very touched up and I felt very clear about what was being said. And every now and again I heared echoes and strange laughter which after a while got quite scary . I was now definitly on the next stage which I coped with quite well as For some time I was alone . I was touching everything, it felt and looked different I was amazed , I held my pipe and tried to repair the mouth piece Which was crazy it was not broken , then hair started to appear in my hands at the end of the pipe huge bundles of brown hair ,it started to bind my hands and tie them up but in the end the trip went and i pulled my hands apart .The paranoia kicked in as there was a straight person watching me , I explained to him but he did not see.

By this time the sounds and visuals were getting madder and more intence. I went to the bathroom before our excursion *OUTSIDE* My face was melting in the mirror , but only minor burns then i looked again I was normal except for one spot on my cheek that started to grow and grow until a volcanic size hole was on my face. I had a piss from a blue checked penis ? And then went outside I felt still in control. The darkness outside hit me with luminous visuals and strange dots. WE walked past my car which distracted me it seemed bent and as though it had been smashed in to , The paranioia hit me bad .the car seemed totally fucked the doors did not even open .. After being calmed down and reasurred we walked over the roed to the sea wall .As we looked over the dark red and black sky over the sea A cats face appeard in the water which looked exactly like my cat which had died 1 week before .

All of a sudden everybody saw the cat and we described strange features . 5 mins of bull shit and we sat down and looked up to the stars (the ultimate experience) Suddenly I leaped up and pretended /thought I was a Tiger I could feel i had fur and could see I had stripes and I crawled about and roared all of this and I knew what I was doing but I just had to do it. everybody was having strong trips and somebody else had car problems My problem just grew as I still felt my car was wrecked on the side of the road. Eventually I crawled back to the party Where things had kicked off .I watched one girl had a bad trip but she had too many She had eaten them from the tea pot. She was crying and all that bull shit but It did not worry me as i was watching a game of chess With no people playing it. The pieces actually moved on their own. MAD!!!

A nice level of trip had hit me And it seemed not to be getting any stronger nor weaker + all paranoia had gone and I was chilled The party slowly fizzled out and we went back to my friends house to come down . On the way there even more visuals were coming from the sky it was 4am My car now seemed normal but i did not drive as it was 2 min's walk we got back and chatted Chris No.2 sat on a sofa His hands slowly creaped towards his grion .It seemed to me to be that he had a vagina and progressed to rub it over his jeans as his face showed me that HE WAS enjoying it . I told him to move his hand he did and the pussy had gone. I lay down near a wicker basked which had turned into a tree trunk .. I was coming down no more tree trunk! It took 10 mins to come down I felt fine I walked back to my car and drove home

The next day we all met up and talked about it .We all agreed it was a great night out but for the sore eyes I am sure it was from lack of Eye winking..

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